The Hockey Player's Aid- A Play Poem by Rohan Bendre

The Hockey Player's Aid- A Play

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(Stage Opens) .
Hockey Fan is Motivating a Hockey Player.
Hockey Fan- Your Perseverance will Surely get the Fruit of Success. Just Ensure the Hard Work is in Excess.

Hockey Player- Your Support is Indeed Precious and Valuable. By Working Hard Several Trophies for our Country Won't I Enable.
Hockey Fan- It Surely is not a Question. Your Hard Work is the Ultimate Solution.

Hockey Player- Surely Hard Work will pave the Way For Success when hard work will be
In Excess.
Hockey Fan- To Enable Success How Can I Contribute? . Can you Suggest a way Such that the Perils will be Away.
Hockey Player- Your Contribution will be Preety Aidful to Ensure my Journey Such Successful.
Hockey Fan- May I Ask for better Clarification Such that My Participation becomes an Affirmation.
(Hockey Player Explains) .
With Several Trophies Expected How Come to my Personal Plight People have Evaded.
(Hockey Player Explained) .
My Home was Demolished as a part of Encroachment and the loss of my House is what i Lament.
Hockey Fan- Your Loss surely is Melancholical. Let me Sort out a way to get you out of pickle.
Hockey Fan- Write Several Letters to the Concerned Authority and Suggest some Solution.
Hockey Player- in this way Answer the Much needed Question.
Hockey Fan- Ask the Higher Authorities to Intervene and make sure your Attempt is Not in Vain.
Hockey Fan- Appeal to a lot of people through Social Media Applications and Gather a lot of people to support.
Hockey Player - Stand up in one to Support By Criticizing the Incident shouldn't you Retort.
Hockey Fan- Aid the Victim in all Possible Way.
Hockey Player-in this way Vanish all the Player's Trouble Away.
Hockey Fan- Criticize the people responsible and Ensure Justice to the player is Possible.
Both- With the Player needing Attention All you need is your Positive Presence in the Picture. In this way Justice to the player won't you Ensure.

Thursday, May 5, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: sports
Sylvia Frances Chan 08 May 2022

Congrats for you being chosen as The Member Poem Of The Day. Most deserving dear Rohan,5 Stars for your fascinating poem. Greetings from The Netherlands, Sylvia

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Rohan Bendre 17 June 2022

Thank you very much. Sorry for reaching out Tardily. Thank you very much

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Chinedu Dike 08 May 2022

An interesting piece written with clarity of thought and mind. Congrats on your poem's selection as member POD.

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Rohan Bendre 17 June 2022

Thank you

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Savita Tyagi 08 May 2022

Wonderful read! A creative voice against injustice is needed everywhere.

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bri edwards 08 May 2022

(cont.) I misread it and kind of liked my reading error; I misread it as 'Can you Suggest a way Such that the Penis will be Away' Sometimes poor lighting and imperfect eyes make for misreading. bri ;) y'

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bri edwards 08 May 2022

I stopped reading after this line: 'Can you Suggest a way Such that the Perils will be Away' (cont.)

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Richard Wlodarski 08 May 2022

SOLIDARITY! ! ! Rohan, Congratulations on POD. Very intriquing and creative work of art.

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