Daniel Lee

Possessed Possession - Poem by Daniel Lee

Again, another day yet comes as I abide with death,
No gentle hand doth comfort me just my own foul breath.
I'm thrown with violence here and there screaming day and night,
Can no one offer healing to one who suffereth plight?

I use sharp stones to cut my flesh though numb to pain am I,
Walking naked through caves of stone where those are lain who die.
They call to me and torment me yet not one chain can bind,
My suffering gait doth frighten men who say 'he's lost his mind! '

Day and night I roam these walls the stench I hardly know,
My bleeding flesh and wild hair condemns me as I go.
A thousand voices, nay, much more are angry and malign,
I cannot fight the awesome grip of torture well refined.

Who is this? Can it be that fear hath stricken them?
This Man who doth approacheth me His eyes doth not condemn.
Hush, He speaks and calleth me I must obey this One,
The many who have captained me have called Him God's own Son.

Legion is their name they say oh! how they tremble so,
They asked to be cast into swine and this Man told them 'Go.'
No more voices no more anger I have my freedom true,
This One who casteth evil out hath made this blind man new.

'Let me follow, ' was all I said for I know not what to do,
He said, 'No, go unto all and preach what God hath done for you.'
Saddened by His words to me but joyous to obey,
I went to all within my town while He went His own way.

I cannot find one reason why I should return to my ways,
Before I met God's only Son who cast all my sins away.
If I must give an answer why then this is what I give,
I once was lost, abode with death, because of Christ I live!

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, December 8, 2009

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