Daniel Lee

Was, Is And Is To Come - Poem by Daniel Lee

A garden so fair, perfect in sight,
Six days was created, six days and six nights,
Then man was formed, from the dust of the earth,
Forbidden fruit taken, and man's sin was birthed.

All went awry, and kings came and went,
But the children rebelled, against whomever God sent,
But mercy and grace, the Almighty Lord wields,
And forgiveness is given, to all who would yield.

God ever calls down, 'Just trust and obey.'
But pride weighs them down, so the prophets shall say:
'God has a message, 'Turn and repent! '
'For His wrath is coming, and He'll not relent! '

Through idols and greed, and all sin alike,
They turn for a season, and suffer no plight,
But again do they fall, rebellious and cruel,
Yet God shows compassion, forgiveness made new.

Omnipotent Father, all power bestowed,
Omniscient Redeemer, to You nothing is unknown,
Omnipresent Lord, everywhere one seeks,
In every believer, redemption complete.

Inheritance theirs, though trusting be faint,
Israel Your own, the Holy One's saints,
But they turned their back, on Your precious love,
So You sent Your Son, from Your side above.

He preached in the streets, the hills and the sea,
Offering salvation to all who believe,
He healed all the sick, and demon's did He cast,
Out of the lost, forgiving their past.

He raised the dead, and all were amazed,
They shouted, 'Hosanna! Our God be praised! '
He dined with the sinner, and parables He taught,
Some hearts were hardened, trusting Him naught.

He knew He would die, His life willing to give,
As they came and arrested, the One who would save,
They beat and they scorned Him, their loving King,
Yet they did not know, what His death would bring.

The governor questioned, then had Him scourged,
No one could imagine, the pain that had surged,
Broken and bleeding, His flesh ripped to shreds,
Took up the cross, nearly half dead.

They led Him to die, Golgotha 'The Skull, '
And nailed Him to the cross, Calvary's hill,
Hanging there dying, He cried out in despair,
Thinking of all, whom He held dear.

As He breathed His last, and gave up His soul,
The veil was torn, from top to below,
The earth quaked and shook, its force was so great,
He died for our sins, His love we partake.

He was laid in a tomb, and guarded three nights,
For the Pharisee's feared that His followers would lie,
Lie about Him rising, on the third day,
Just as He told them, just as He said.

Then it happened, the stone rolled away,
'He is not here, ' the angel said to they,
They who sought the living among the dead,
For He has indeed risen, the account is paid.

He spoke to His own, and promised this saying:
'I will be with you, unto the end of the age.'
He ascended to heaven, until out of view,
His own they did wait, for the Spirit anew.

His church indeed grows, and through suffering prevail,
Martyred and scorned, and often times fail,
But strength comes from He, who watches His sheep,
And promises them their souls does He keep.

Triumphant yet longing, yearning for home,
When one day He calls them, to be with their own,
That day has not come, but close is the hour,
When they shall be reigning, with their King in power.

His kingdom is coming, forever He'll reign,
And they'll never sin, no never again,
They'll worship the Lion, exalt, praise and sing,
He is Jesus the Christ, our great King of Kings!

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  • (12/8/2009 5:36:00 PM)

    wow this is a really great poem of God and Jesus... KUDOS! ! 10++ (Report) Reply

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