Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Johnstown Center / Rock County / Wisconsin
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Johnstown Center / Rock County / Wisconsin
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Poverty And Wealth

Rating: 3.4

The stork flew over a town one day,
And back of each wing an infant lay;
One to a rich man’s home he brought,
And one he left at a labourer’s cot.
The rich man said, ‘My son shall be
A lordly ruler o’er land and sea.’
The labourer sighed, ‘’Tis the good God’s will
That I have another mouth to fill.’
The rich man’s son grew strong and fair,
And proud with the pride of a millionaire.

His motto in life was, ‘Live while you may, ’
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Shaun Cronick 03 July 2019

Oh Ella we all miss you.

4 1 Reply
Tarana 07 May 2019

This is a lovely poem. Keep writing.

1 4 Reply
Upendra Upm 23 March 2017

This poem romanticised poverty by calling the poor man happier and resulted in poor not fighting for their legitimate due.This disserved cause of fightfor justice.

3 5 Reply
Nia Riz 10 October 2008

such a good poem! it kept me reading on! ....obviously the poor man was richer by mental health! rest in peace....- Nia

12 4 Reply