Pranay (Wedlok) Poem by BHARTI CHANDWANI

Pranay (Wedlok)

'Pranay sutra' that leads to the unison of two souls,
A beautiful bond that have divinely bestowed upon,
In a moment she have changed my life,
have made everything glee, my wife........

She have devoured my lonesome,
and ceased my loiter.
A light in murk, illumines my life,
She have transformed, a house into a sweet home,
as if a fairy have executed her spell.

Captured by her charm, i am in elation,
dwell in her heart, is itself a celeberation.
amorous love of her is sublime,
her milky-white bossom is now mine.

A sight of her face in the morning, make my day,
red round kumkum on her forhead, keeps my stress at bay.
motley attire of her deserves my attention,
generous heart of her is my attraction.

Music of her bangles, have dissolved melody in my life,
her chatter reminds me murmur of bees in the garden.
deleberate fights of our, her winking on childish prank,
have won me, at the core of my heart she reign.

A friend, a soul-mate is my better-half,
will accompany me in the journey of life.
such is the bond of 'pranay'
a beautiful bond that have,
divinely bestowed upon..........

Soumita Sarkar 21 October 2013

Very good write...I invite you to read my POEM-In Unison.....Thanks for sharing.

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Bharti Chandwani 04 October 2013

thank you.............. :)

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Tribhawan Kaul 04 October 2013

A lovely bond of 'pranay' expressed here in beautifully crafted expressive and emotive words. Enjoyed the read. Keep it up.

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