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Whispers of ‘rest in peace’
vibrating entire cosmos
a departed soul watching

I am not a poet?

I am not a poet, mutated in womb
I am not a poet, born with a silver spoon

Lotus blooms only in mud
bleeding wounds do give solace
colour, caste, religion matter not
flag of pride and ownership do.

This world is, because of the woman
this universe is, because of the woman
nothing exists without the woman
our existence is, because of the woman.

Love knows no boundaries yet lacks conviction
Wondering why the sea is noisy yet so calm
Shore allows waves to touch and back they go
Sand watch helplessly as none applies balm.

Rising sun in the horizon
a fireball in space
like a bride of first night
blushing and gushing

Drink water
Which is pure
It is healthy
That is sure.

He loved her, so was concerned
as counseling did no good to her
about her mental agony
so deciding to bring her out of shell.

Love in the air
Festivals galore

Poems are like flowers
Seed sowed in the mind
Inked through heart
Flowering in different ways

Fatigued and exhausted home coming makes me restless
As if I am swallowed whole by the emptiness
Stacked famous ones whirl around, pity me
As termites start digesting me

Moon when ceases to exist
stars shine brightly
negotiate universal maze
choreographers end assignments

Allow the dreams to make castles in the air
Truth always bare the truth behind a ruse
How much illusions try to circumvent
Rainbows always have the last laugh

Craters decorating moon
Taunting, laughing at the
Indiscretion of a lover
Calling his beloved, MOON!

Father dear father. (Father's day special)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Standing tall at the horizon with an aura around
Wrapped in the mind emotions abound

Understanding and love make peace work
Human DNA though cannot be banked upon
War mongers keep selling their wares
Will to survive too dares hawks to strike

bears progeny carrying blood
colour red, only red
without any religion and caste to tow

HIS benevolence knows no boundaries
but incomprehensible is God’s wrath
thinks not twice while taking away all
forewarning always never to cross HIS path

A female form
when comes out of womb
is questioned
on her existence.

Her eclipsed face devoid of emotions
near his bedside staring into blank
going through the motions.

Tribhawan Kaul Biography

I was born in J & K State of India on 01-01-1946 to a Kashmiri Hindu parents. Having been brought up and educated in Delhi with diverse cultural moorings; writing poems, both in hindi and english, has been my passion and I became a freelance published writer-poet after my superannuation from Indian Air Force/ CGO(EQ) in December 2005. I am a bilingual freelance writer-poet. My published works include three anthologies in hindi viz Nane Muno Ke Rupak (1959) , Sab-Rang (2010) , Mann Ki Tarang (2012) , Bus Ek Nirjharni Bhawnaaon Kee (2016) besides ‘ Children of Lost Gods’ (2013) & Refreshing Writes (2015) which are anthologies of my english poems/short-stories. How to Prevent Rape & Molestation/2010, Bhelpuri/2013, Acerbic Anthology- protest poetry/2013, Inklinks/2013, In Our Own Words/2013, Wordsmiths in Their Verse/2013. Lamhe/2014, World Healing World Peace/2014, Poems From Third World/2014, Safina/2014, Mandela Tributes/2014. Intercontinental Anthology of Poetry for Peace/2014, Kavyashala/2014, World Anthology of Poems on Global Harmony and Peace/2014, Purple Hues/2015, Just for You My Love/2015, Resonance-? ? ? ? ? ? /2015, The Gust of Wits/2015, ? ? ? ? ? -2/2015, Melange/2015, Significant Anthology/2015, Women in War/2015, ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? /2015, ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? /2015, Vihag Priti Ke/2015, Umbilical Chords/2015, Clours of Refuge/2015, World Regugee Day Anthology/2015, , Pushpgandha/2016, Timeless Love/2016, Blues Under the Silver Hues/2016, Dae Akhar Prem/2016 & magazines like e-Fragrance, e-Creative Ecstasy, Kashur Samachaar, Aagaman-the arrival, Business Sandesh, etc. Number of his poems have also been translated into French by none other than Vantchev Athanase de Thracy, World President of Poetas del Mundo and one of the greatest poets of contemporary French. He writes poems on vast range of subjects which bring his readers close to nature, love compassion and spirituality. He writes short-stories & poems on contemporary subjects about which he feels very strongly. My poems are basically a journey to the kingdom of poetry through the inspiring feelings absorbed and observed of the happenings within my country, around me and in the world giving wings to my creative imagination. My poems are not too complex to comprehend as facts can never be too complicated. My poems have that curiosity factor which is the culmination of interweaving of thought processes into words after observance of action and reaction in nature and day to day life. Whether my poems are subjective or objective, direct or indirect, simple or complicated do not concern me so long as my poems give my readers the desired thought provoking entertainment. I have always maintained that writing makes one a complete human being, as it brings out the true person behind the physical facade, besides having a calming effect on the writer or a poet in particular and readers in general. As much as possible I always try to portray facts in my poems as Plato, the Greek philosopher had said, “poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history. I am an Indian and proud to be an Bhartiye. Tribhawan Kaul Freelance writer-poet e-mail: - I blog at: - ========================================= ????????? ????? - - - - - - - ??????? (????? ??????) ??? ?? ????? ???? ?? ????? ??????? ??? ?? ???????? ????-??? ???? ???????? ?? ??????????? ???? ??? ???? ????? ??????? ??? ???? ???????? ???????? ??? ?? ?????? ??? ?????? ???? ?? ???? ???? ?????? ?????? ?? ?????? ??? ?? ???. ???? ???? ?? ??? ??? ?? ??????? ' ????? ??????? ?? ????' ?? ?????? ?? ???? ?? ???????? ????. ?????, ????? ?? ???? ????? ?? ?? ?????? ???????? ??? ??????? ?? ???? ??? ???? ??? ???? ?????? ?? ?????? ?? ??????? ?? ???????? ?? ??????? ???. ???? ?? ???????, ???????, ????, ????????? ?????????????, ???? ????????? ??? ??? ??? ?? ???? ??? ??? 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The Best Poem Of Tribhawan Kaul

After Death

Whispers of ‘rest in peace’
vibrating entire cosmos
a departed soul watching
curiously from the above
a body below
surrounded by wailing people
spelling out all the words
available in praise
staunch opponents
eulogising white deeds
ignoring the black ones
wiping crocodile tears
and laughing in sleeves
friends, foes and family
come to remember
a departed soul
wishes to be the whole
but for its KARMAS.

Tribhawan Kaul Comments

Heather Wilkins 16 December 2012

Tribhawan Kaul is a great artist. His poetry is among the best I have read. He excells in words and thoughts. It you desire to read excellent poetry you will not be disappoined reading Tribhawan's work. He is a gentleman, good friend, and a wonderful person. He is preparing his manuscript for an upcoming new book of poetry. good luck Tribhawan.

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The Reader 02 December 2012

wonderful visit of this your poetry page on PH Tribhawan Kaul ji, you are a natural poet with philanthropic, positive and optimistic thinking.Other than your poems, your article on AbdulWahab is really a wonderful and commendable literary contribution.keep on writing nice poems, we are your readers wishing you all the very best in life!

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Sanchita 18 September 2019

Hi, I want to use your poem for a photoseries blog. Can you please send an email to to take the conversation forward? Would really appreciate it. Thank you!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 03 October 2018

On behalf of all fellow poets, PH family and our Mahakul family we offer a title of honour to poet Tribhawan Kaul born on 01 January 1946 in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India as, Literature Galaxy (साहित्य आकाशगंगा) . From today on-wards he will be known as Literature Galaxy Tribhawan Kaul. In Hindi he will be known as साहित्य आकाशगंगा त्रिभुवन कौल. This honourary title is offered to him due to his long-time perseverance and his contribution to the world literature.

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sounds really great. you are showing your emotions nice. you will have great future in poetry. i invite you to read my poems. as a friendly look.

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Aparna Pathak 01 January 2013

this is really a great write on Tribhawan ji.He excels equally in both language, Hindi as well as English. i like the way he put his thoughts in simple way that touches heart. I am always full of respect for him. His is wonderful person to know. I feel lucky to know him.

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Wahab Abdul 23 December 2012

Contribution of poet Tribhawan Kaul on poetry The poet I suddenly acquainted with on facebook is Mr. Tribhawan Kaul and found him a man par excellence in writing poetry as well as exquisite dramas in Hindi and in English. In the plethora of writers of modern times I found him outstanding while he treats variety of themes with social and political consciousness and with love and philosophy. He distinguishes himself from others having the quality of directness yet very deep, he knows how to use the heart poetry writing, the figure of speech, especially the metaphor and simile. Oblique and dual use of language sometimes weaved with fine thread in his poetry to give wider significance and many directions with multiple layers. Economy of words and condensation are basic features of his poetry. The essence of human being is humanism though we differ in definition, that very humanism is the basic philosophy of him, he is always above all of the negativities of life as he knows every part of his body reacts with the thoughts and those negativities will kill his creation, so he is very positive in life, he never allows the notions which are floating around him nowadays like sectarianism, chauvinism and communalism. His rock hard integrity and solid personality which he earns though his army life fetch him many friends in quick time who are found to swarm around him always. He is very concern with the children, especially Indian, as he knows very well that they are the future of nation so he writes poems after poems like ‘’girl child ‘’ ‘’children of lost god ‘’ expressing his charged emotions. His rousing consciousness never allows him to over look the new ailments of our society which kill us secretly bit by bit so he roars with anger in the poems ‘’trauma ‘’ and ‘’shame of sin ‘’ Philosophy is life, life is philosophy, no poet is beyond the rim of it, he is not exception either , he is rather master of philosophy, his candle of philosophy buns with big flames in the poems ‘’death ‘’ ‘’silence ‘’ ‘’seek within ‘’ ‘’musings ‘’ ‘’god –where are you? ‘’ one needs to read with deep understanding and great concentration. His forms of poetry are as wide as his variety of themes, he is expert in writing Senryu, Haiku, cinnaquain, a variety of oddquains, triolet, couplet and different kinds of etherees.He sieved out the words with utmost care to fit the appropriateness in the forms and themes of his diverse quality of poems, the zest and energy in his poems are magnetic, the flow of his poems rushes with the sweet murmuring sound of a gust of wind, the tone is sober, the texture is neat and clean, the diction is purposefully simple in order to reach to the common people without compromising the quality which is by itself become a distinctive quality, simple yet deep and profound.

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Tribhawan Kaul Quotes

Everyone deserves his/her own luck and luck comes in disguise of an opportunity. Grab the opportunity, you will find luck smiling on you.:

Everyone deserves his/her own luck and luck comes in disguise of an opportunity. Grab the opportunity, you will find luck smiling on you

Eyes always have been powerful medium of silent expression/TK

Positive and negative thinking are the two side of the same coin. It depends upon the mental makeup of the person to initiate right action according to one's right attitude/TK

Maturity comes with age and with it rigidity too. However to swim with the times, both rigidity and flexibility is desired according to the situation./TK

Life is very clever. It offers many temptations through our senses by various means and tricks. Normally as a human, we all tend to succumb to these temptations but one who sees through these tricks and keep away from these become the realized one./TK

Creation is evolution and evolution is progression./TK

We all are running, always trying to leave our shadows behind.Running from our own fears and negativity. by Tribhawan Kaul

Tribhawan Kaul Popularity

Tribhawan Kaul Popularity

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