Prayer Warriors, Assemble! ! ! Poem by Denis Martindale

Prayer Warriors, Assemble! ! !

For every single day and night, prayer warriors unite!
To pray to God with all their might, compassion and insight!
Yes, God knows well His children care, while sorrows some may bear,
And treasures every precious prayer, unique beyond compare!

There are the prayers that Mothers send! On God's love, they depend!
There are the prayers of each true friend, some others to defend!
There are the prayers of sweethearts, too, who tell God, I love You!
And every single prayer sounds new, so credit where it's due!

So share your prayer and realise that true love never dies!
When prayers assemble, watch them rise like lights before your eyes!
Prayer warriors are young and old, determined to prove bold!
Protecting Christ's sheep in the fold, each with a heart of gold!

Behold the praise reports that prove the Saviour's love can soothe,
And even sins Christ can remove thanks to the Gospel Truth!
The Holy Spirit's ministry spans all eternity,
Because Christ died on Calvary with love for you and me!

Denis Martindale, for the 20th of March 2024.

Some films show superheroes getting ready for action with the phrase,
Avengers, Assemble! ! ! I saw The Thundermans Return film yesterday
and it had the phrase, Thundermans, Assemble! ! ! I think it is paramount
that Prayer Warriors care like superheroes so I wrote this Gospel poem.

Shared on Revelation TV, Voice In The Wilderness,21st of March 2024.

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