Precious Love Poem by Allen Steble The Philosophical Poet

Precious Love

You say you love me
in every way,
its in the message of your lips
every single day,
the way you hold me
in your firm grip,
the way you pick me up
when I slip,
the tender affection
of your rose kiss,
the wonderful moments
the perfect bliss,
when we stare at the stars
on a warm summer night,
when the fire of your heart
warms me in the winter light,
when I stroke the layers
of your tender hair,
when I see your concern
and know that you care,
when you're close to my touch
or a distance too far,
you are my strongest hero
my famous star,
when I answer your call
I can never guess,
when I ask you for help
I know you will say yes,
its in the calm tone
of your soft voice,
Its in the wise decision
of every choice,
its the way you keep
both ears listening,
your shining smile
that keeps on glistening,
the sweet aroma
of your raining perfume,
forming the richest cloud
in every room,
when money leaves me
standing poor,
I know you will be there
waiting at my door,
nothing I know
could make me more rich,
when my clothes begin to fade
I know you will be waiting there
ready to stitch,
Its the scent of a rose in every memory,
Its the happy end of every story,
when its time to go
and time to fly,
the tears grow legs
and run from my eyes,
we are two different souls
yet we are always one,
our journey seems so long
yet it has only just began,
I feel the pleasures from heaven above
I cannot describe

Your precious love

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