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Wonderful Man (Inspired By Maya Angelou's Great Poem 'phenomenal Woman')

Rating: 3.4

Handsome man ponder at my masculine size.
I'm not huge or toned to appeal to the judges eyes,
but when I begin to tell them
they think I'm telling lies.
I say,
it's in the heat of my endurance,
the sweat on my neck,
the direction of my stride,
and the strength of my pecks
I'm a man

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: man,maya angelou,wonder
Wahab Abdul 19 May 2013

ha ha ha, enjoyed it......

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Tashon Brown 25 August 2009

this is an awesome poem i love a man who is confident but not cocky

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Briseis Troy 27 June 2009

great poem. two thumbs up for it. i like it

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Surya . 24 June 2009

wonderfull. but the credit goes to 'Maya Angelou' who is an inspiration to all of us. but still one needs talent to bring such an orinal copy. congrats voted10 surya

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..... W@king Up..... 26 April 2013

Wonderful poem :) I can just see a person writing about children inspired by Maya now: P

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Jasbir Chatterjee 12 December 2015

lovely! Such a wonderful poem and such a beautiful adaptation of Maya Angelou's poem 'Phenomenal Woman.' Maya Angelou is my favorite poet too.

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Dany Sandell 27 December 2013

When I read the title, I grinned. To me, it was funny and cool. It's a great poem. In the same writing way that Maya used, but a great poem all the same. Made me laugh. Very cool.9-10 =-)

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Patricia Grantham 10 October 2013

A very nice write about the wonderful man. I am happy that you were so inspired by Maya Angelou to write such a piece as this. It was so boldly written with such manly and not macho attributes. An excellent write with a good sense of humor.

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Kaila George 06 August 2013

Well Ill be damned this is just brilliant...had me strutting behind you go...wooo...grins...kidding...really enjoyable read I can tell you that much...cant wait to read more of your stuff...10

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Soulful Heart 11 July 2013

a macho man paradoxically portrayed but sweet.....................

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