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I started writing poetry when I was 21 as a means to not only express my emotions, but to also find an alter ego to motivate and push me to be a better version of myself. I can gladly say today that it has sure done that. I am still imperfect and have many flaws but poetry has enabled me to cultivate a growth mindset which I always do my best to strive by.

I am predominantly inspired by nature, growth and inspiration in all forms. I also gain inspiration from the great poets of times ago such as Maya Angelou, Shel Silverstein and Roald Dahl. My poetry has also pushed me into creating songs, short stories, and even a book called Staying motivated in a world of increasing challenges about my philosophies on life based on my experiences and growth as a man. My goal is to inspire countless people to find their best selves.

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Dinesan Madathil 27 June 2013

Mr Allen Steble is being now ranked as the most popular PH poet as per the rating of June 2013. He is a fine poet with a lot of insight into man`s life and his social disposition. Mr Allen, as he says, is a motivational poet with a vision for universal human love and even his humour poems have been written with a tell a tale purpose. Mr Allen`s diction is fair and simple without bombastic expressions and the multiplicity of his themes and universality of his philosophy of life have got the glitter of a rare blend. He is young and dynamic and can therefore deliver much more ahead. I wish Mr Allen many more innings over here and hope him to keep his going high.

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Raabia Tabassum 23 November 2013

Great poetry. Keep going. Mind checking mine out?

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Doug Blair 08 June 2013

The Breeze Blows. Interesting that in the third verse, and observing limitless heavens in silence, the writer says that it is the last time of sensing the breeze. Is it that he dies, or that individuality is morphed into the great Cosmos. Everything is certainly much bigger than the writer, and he knows it.

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Richardson Greg 31 May 2013

I love fire and talk about it alot in my poetry. Try reading my poem, I am Fire. I think you will like it and it might give you a new perception of your own poem. :)

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Frank (popeye) Pulver 14 May 2013

this is a good poem that reminds that we all should never get up and keep the inner motivation and courage in our heart.

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mufaro 26 October 2021

write more about yourself

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Evan Lee 26 August 2016

Hey, Allen...I sent you a message earlier today about your poem Choices. Could you email me back with your thoughts. Thanks.

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Dianne Crawford 15 February 2016

I love the poem MY BEAUTIFUL FLOWER! VERY GOOD! ! ! !

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Angela Ilyas 07 August 2015

Nice Poems! Deep! God Bless You!

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p.a. noushad 24 May 2015

good, all the best, dear Allen, nice poems.

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The Best Poem Of Allen Steble The Philosophical Poet

*there's A Fire Burning In My Eyes*

Even the impossible can be done
because I believe it can
the toughest challenge can be won
because I am a fighting man
...there's a fire burning in my eyes,
because I'm after the prize.

Anything far-fetched can be achieved
yes, it can be done
because in truth I believe
that I am the right one
but that's no surprise,
cause' there's a fire burning in my eyes.

Anything unlikely can be overcome
in an hour of darkness
even though there exists some
who think the situation is hopeless
but my spirit never dies,
because there's a fire burning in my eyes.

My heart is ablaze
with the flame of triumph
my soul alight
with this fire of success
an eternal inferno
rages within me
and when you peer into my eyes
then you will see
the fire burning within.

...The fire burning within my eyes.

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19 April 2016

Be mindful of what you listen to, it will influence how you feel, how you feel will influence how you think, how you think will influence how you act, how you act will influence how you behave, your behaviors will soon become your habits and your habits will shape your future.

21 April 2016

Small things left alone will grow larger the tiny plant in the Forest will become a mighty tree the small cloud on a humid day will bellow into a raging storm the small ripple deep in the ocean can surge into a tidal wave ashore what i have learned from these natural occurrences is simple, any problem you face in life will start off small and gradually grow larger over the passing of time solving problems whilst they are still small enough to be managed is the key.

02 May 2016

I've always been an advocate of never comparing yourself to someone else, however there is one person you should compare yourself to everyday, yourself! That's the only way we can measure our personal grown. The question we should be asking ourselves on a daily basis is 'am I better than I was yesterday, have I become any wiser, stronger, more distinct? ' A stagnant lifestyle is a quick route to unhappiness, proactive self awareness to better oneself is more than just a Nobel feat of strength, it is the key to self fulfilment and part of our true nature.

02 April 2021

It's better to be a mediocre version of yourself Than an excellent version of what you're not

31 May 2021

The familiarity of mediocrity provides a sense of security. The uncertainty of excellence is scary, but a path that makes life worthy of glory

11 August 2021

One of the most painful things for someone who knows their value is to see others make millions for doing next to nothing, while you make next to nothing for supporting an economy that allows that to happen

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