Prejudice You Say?

ThWe sat around us old white guys
And one mentioned to my surprise
He felt we were prejudice to the blacks
I said your belief should be challenged it has so many cracks

When I express wonder about aboriginal behaviour
It's never because I am his enemy or his saviour
And it's never because he is black
More likely I am disappointed because his attitude toward me is slack

Can you not see the white man trying to praise?
Offering the indigenous a lifestyle raise
And you would see me as prejudice for ever
When the same blackmen will forgive us never

Two hundred years keeps coming to mention
I feel it's used for the purpose of attention
Is it likely now us whites will leave and give you back your land?
Twenty five million whites adrift is that what you have planned

So stop calling me prejudice and saying I hate blacks
Stop belting us whites and playing poor fella hacks
Join with courage and strength for we all have footprints in this soil
It's up to white and black to unite and for this country we all toil

If you continue to call me prejudice how we can ever gain
A united country of white and black Australians thinking the same
We must unite and stop crying foul at any simple colour reference
You are black and I am white lets treat that with deference

Copyright Paolo 2021-04-28
ere are rare examples nowadays of family units strong