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Paul Buttigieg is the son of a Maltese migrant who was sent to Australia as a young child to escape the ravages of the 2nd World war in Europe. He grew up in Adelaide and was educated at schools in the Gilles Plains and Windsor Gardens district.
Due to family difficulties he was placed in a boy’s home and removed from his parents and family growi ...

Paul Buttigieg Poems

I Am An Aboriginal

I’m black
I have no issue with that
You’re white
I have no issue with that

Black Prejudice

Blacks can never love whites
Whites poisoned our hearts
Our children

The Stolen Generation

Turns out the last light
A Blackout

Kim Jong Un (Part Three)

I sent a couple over Japan
Just to show them that I'm the man
Kim Jong Un with a nuclear plan
I'll kill all westerners just because I can

Sad Men Black Men Dead Men

He told me about the war
Amongst themselves their own fellas
And the grog the jails the police
He did not want to talk about the women

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08 September 2017

Why apportion blame when you are not free from blame thyself

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Sandy anne 25 January 2018

I like them all

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Jerry Behr 15 December 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year I have enjoyed your poetry. Now here goes for2010 Jerry Behr

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