'Pride And Humility' Poem by Pushpinder Kaur

'Pride And Humility'

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Pride and Humility

Is a moment to be proud
Also, the most humbling time?

Perhaps pride and humility
Are like black and white…
Day and night

One would not be known without
The other

These times as of now
Are not new
The world has known much more
And worse

Each epoch has its share of misery
Learning and Enlightenment
Apocalypse and Revelation

When your near and dear ones
Are in the face of something deadly
Which is killing a dime a dozen
Providing them the last
Healing touch
Signing off
Death Certificates

When the family cannot see
The face of those gone
For fear of interacting with the Monster
When the last rites are taken away from
Those nearest
When a house lies silent
The reality revealed only
At the breaking down of the door…
When caravans of cadavers
Are carried in lines uninterrupted
When life comes to a standstill
And you know nothing about tomorrow
When there is only the chirping of the birds to be heard
All else being muted
Like Death
It's the time for humbling
A lesson for Humanity

The world is brought closer
Through the enforcement
The lockdowns and the quarantine

The distant moans, cries and heaving
To be heard in this
Overwhelming Silence…

The skies are silent too
Freed from the droning of planes
No smoky streaks of the jets
Nor cities of people
Buzzing around the world

A moment when
Pride and humbling
Lose every barrier

It's a moment of reckoning
A moment for a silent prayer
Coming from the interims of the heart
Rising as a gathering force
To provide a positive vibe
And a healing touch

God is appearing…

Pushpinder Kaur COVID-19
21.04.2020 3: 45 am

'Pride And Humility'
Monday, April 20, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: death,life,life and death,silence
The times as the present visit and revisit the world of humanity and the universe...to leave a message, a moral, a lesson. Are we alive enough to take it?
Prabhjot Singh 21 April 2020

truly beautiful poem encapturing both sides of the crisis caused by this dreadful virus.

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G Singh 21 April 2020

Very thoughtful and deep Loved it

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Dr Dillip K Swain 20 April 2020

I have read several poems on horrible threats, rapid rise of mortality rate and fatal consequences brought forth due to outbreak of Covid-19 but this one stands tall, the best of all. A poignant piece of poetry...Top score!

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Sankhajit Bhattacharjee 20 April 2020

deep meaning of life and death..............full point

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Pushpinder Kaur 20 April 2020

The chosen image was taken inflight to the UK in December,2016. God knows when it may be possible again? Such moments of beauty are the moments of reckoning...

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Pushpinder Kaur

Pushpinder Kaur

Amritsar, Punjab, India
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