Profanity Poem by Jeff Taylor


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I find it strange that there can be no swearing
For swearing is in the vernacular of people
big and small.
From the rowdiest Masonist
to the tiniest Grandma.
From their mouths spew curses
but upon deaf ears they fall.

Did they tell Mr. Bukowski
to lay off of his sharp tongue?
Did they inform William Burroughs
that his fantasies would not stand at all?
Did they let Tupac know
there's no cursing in the streets?
Did they tell Shoeless Joe
there's no crying in baseball?

Free the Speech!
Words are words!
Do not fear your brothers hate!
Because curses come!
And curses go!
But what you make is what you make!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: society
I wrote this this morning after my last poem was deactivated. It had a single swear word in it, which I used to express broiling emotion. The poem was about working in the factory, and I believe you will find quite a bit of swearing there, in my humble opinion. I believe that all words are equal, and to try to make poetry 'PG' or 'friendly' undermines the very intentions of it. To draw attention, to create a realistic picture, to shock, to enlighten, and to allow others to understand people they may not understand. So this is my response to being censored.
Adeline Foster 19 May 2016

True, there’s nothing wrong with a word when used in its right context. When words are intended to hurt of defame its not the fault of the word but the manners of the speaker. Adeline

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Jeff Taylor 11 May 2016

Have to agree with you fellas, it seems silly to care so much about curses when there are so many worse things going on in our world. I understand that some people don't approve of swearing, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Also, I believe poetry belongs to the people, not the academic snobs who say Poetry is this, poetry is that, poetry is High Art. Pretentious to say the least. Also, before I posted my poem with a curse in it I did a search on the site and found poems with curses in them. I guess it's just a case of whatever the admins are feeling at the time, or some slipping through the craft. Oh well, guess I'll have to get creative with my cursing!

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Mike Smith 10 May 2016

I've had a piece taken off from the site as well. It's frustrating. I've found that if you use! *? # or something of the like in place of the word they don't seem to take it down, or at least not as often.... It's silly to me. Sh*! Isn't really censored unless you spell it with 'it rather than '*! '.... Whatever. Your poem makes several good points. Curse words are just as much a part of our language as any other words. Often there is no better word one can use to convey a thought than a given curse word. It limits the language to not allow these, and therefore it limits the poet, and resultingly the readers as well. Check out Cutting Curtains by Pamela Sinicrope on the site. It's a great poem about censorship and how it robs people of their expression.

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