Jeff Taylor Poems

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A Stumblin' Incoherent Ramblin'

As I walk, so I talk
As I see, so I read
As I take, so I make
As I forego, so I let go


I find it strange that there can be no swearing
For swearing is in the vernacular of people
big and small.

You And Me.

So I brought home a new car and a new laptop computer for her to use
and she looked at me unbelievably, as if to say,
'How can you justify spending this much money? '

I Cannot Fix The Kitchen Sink.

I cannot fix the kitchen sink.
Though I think, and think, and think
no amount of plunging
will from the mouth of the drain release

I Am Jeff.

I Want You Just The Way You Are.

I want poems with teeth.
I want poems that snarl at the stranger outside.
I want poems so daring that Evel Kneivel can't read them.
I want poems that take me on an off road ride across the Sarengeti.

Conversation With A Friend Of Mine.

I once had a conversation with a friend of mine
about the end of the world, and the end of time.
About the very fabric of our own existence
and how energy flows through every living being.


Creativity comes in bursts, don't you know?
Is it not obviously so?
All of us so called poets, authors, musicians, and lyricists
Don't even know the half of it.

Smiley's Fortune.

Today, a man named Smiley bought me a lottery ticket and said,
'If you win anything, don't forget me! '
And he bought a lottery ticket for the older woman standing next to him
and said the same thing.

You Are Near.

Here I sit
a bed of nails.
Here I sit
my face a smile.

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