Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Profession Of Faith - Poem by Justin Reamer

I believe in God,
The Father AAlmighty,
The Creator of Heaven and Earth,
The Lord in Heaven,
The One who is merciful,
The One who is forgiving,
The One who loves us,
The One who made us.
He is the One who made the animals,
The plants,
The water,
The sky and the clouds,
The land,
The shores near the Ocean
And Lake Michigan,
The Earth,
The planets,
The stars,
And fungi,
And comets,
And constellations,
The sun,
And everything there is in
This universe,
And He is the One who made us.

He loves us more than anything,
And He is selfless,
And He is giving,
And He is always willing to forgive
Us of our sins as
Long as we are willing to change.

He is the Alpha and Omega,
And the Creator of everything
Seen and Unseen,
Visible and Invisible,
And everything else.

He is omniscient,
For He knows all,
And He is omnipotent,
And He has been around
Before the world began,
And will be around after the world ends.

In God's eyes,
There is no discrimination,
For it does not matter if
One is a Gentile or a Jew,
A man or a woman,
Black or white,
Latino or Asian,
Intelligent or deluded,
Wealthy or impoverished,
Of nobility or of peasantry,
Has a mental handicap,
Healthy or unhealthy,
Athletic or sedentary,
Seeing or blind,
Hearing or deaf,
Walking or lame,
Jewish or Christian,
Muslim or Sikh,
Hindu or Buddhist,
Confucian or Shinto,
Taoist or Baha'i,
Or even Zoroastrian.

There is no prejudice in His eyes,
For He loves all of us,
And there is no racism,
No sexism,
No ableism,
No persecution of age,
No Antisemitism,
No persecution based on religion,
No persecution based on heritage,
And nothing that will hurt you,
For He loves all of us,
And is willing to welcome all of us
Into our arms,
And is selfless beyond
Anything we can possibly imagine,
For that is why He gave us His Son.

I believe in Jesus Christ,
The Son of God,
The Word made flesh,
The Lamb of God,
The Good Shepherd,
The Light and the Way,
The One who led the right life,
The One who took the sins away from the world.

Jesus was born a Virgin birth,
From Mary,
The Mother of God,
Who was purified at the Immaculate Conception,
And who had no sin,
And thus gave birth to
The Son of God.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem,
After Joseph,
His foster father was
Called down there for
A census.

He was born in a manger,
Wrapped in swaddling clothes,
And shepherds and wisemen,
All came to see Him,
Because they were spoken
To by the angels,
And they followed
The Star of David,
And when they arrived,
They all gave Him gifts,
Such as gold, frankincense, and myrrh,
And they all praised Him for who He was.

Jesus was raised as a carpenter,
And he grew up in Nazareth.
When he grew older,
He began his ministry,
And he told many people about the
Ways of God.

He walked through the desert
For forty days and forty nights
And was tempted by Satan,
And he beat him at his game.

Jesus preached to people,
And he performed many miracles,
And he saved many people from death,
And showed people God's amazing powers.

Eventually he was betrayed by Judas,
And died on the cross
To forgive us of our sins,
And he gave his life for us,
And descended into death.

He then rose from the dead
On the third day,
And ascended into heaven,
Where he sits at the right hand
Of the Father,
Where he will come back
To judge the living and the dead.

He will care for everyone,
And he will be there when
The world ends,
And he will be God's judge
When the last judgment comes.

I believe in the Church,
And this is my faith,
And I believe that God
Loves all of us,
No matter who we are,
Or where we come from,
For we are all the same in his vision.

This is my
Profession of Faith.

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