Providence Poem by Ramesh Adwant


Rating: 5.0

If you have taken refuge
In someone’s care for your incapacities,
If you have sought a friend’s shoulder
To support your feeble feet,
You are giving up to fate,
You are doubting your inner strength.
Be a stoic and fight it out
How can you live in fetters enchained!
Flog the steed of your potencies
Till you are famished and fall flat,
And rise again and begin afresh,
And never say I am done,
If your hands rise involuntarily,
To pray for help, ask for strength,
To agitate, struggle, battle and strike,
And never coax your providence,
For providence is and is not.
Let glory decay or decay lead to glory,
Seek not mercy nor expect relief,
Love and live your troubles,
To make them your kin
Who says then that you live
By mercies of providence.
I ‘m what I’m and I’ll be what I wish to be.
Let providence play its pieces,
I win if I must win.

Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 12 July 2010

‘You are giving up to fate, You are doubting your inner strength.’ ~ Swami Vivekananda [SV] opines who doesn’t believe in god is not atheist but doesn’t believe in himself is atheist…SV was the volcanic you’ve reflected that spirit … Thanks for sharing… Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10 PS Be never a fatalist…it is fatal… n

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