Prunes And Tunes

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All prunes are plums
all plums not prunes,
the sound of drums
and healthy tunes
is just a side effect, a sign
and its significance benign.

So let your grandpa chew his prunes
between his battle-hardened gums
he's left behind so many moons
and as he sits and gently hums,
he feels the prunes slip down the line
until it's time, for rise and shine.

A poem talking of the guts
would be of interest to us all,
to follow food from mouth to butts
and second-guess potential stall
would be remiss without the plan:
to prunes you ought to add some bran.

Linda Ori 31 October 2006

Well, Herbert, that certainly made my day! Now I think I've seen (read) it all! Sort of reminded me of: 'Beans, beans, the musical fruit, The more you eat, the more you toot, The more you toot, the better you feel - I eat beans at every meal! ' Nice job! Linda

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Allan James Saywell 30 October 2006

Herbert my dear fellow they say many men in their old age die from trying to pass waste products without singing tunes first thing of a morning the tune being accompanied by the drinking of copious amounts of prune juice While partaking of some bran Warm regards AJS

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