........Ism Poem by Herbert Nehrlich


Rating: 3.2

He pulled the trigger
on that noisy morning
in the Bunker of Berlin.
The pages of Mein Kampf,
just briefly soaked
were used to start
the fire that would mark
the end of an epoch
that had, astonishingly, given
birth to itself in 1928.
When a fanatic says a word
of hatred or of utter bigotry,
one must believe, as if it were HIS word
or be forever in the net of rank complicity.
So, he is dead and gone
but something ugly thrives,
it is called Hitlerism.
And it has spread to reach
all corners of a peace-less globe.
It dresses in the clothes of any emperor
and wears the mask of true benevolence.
Perhaps the answer is to close one's eyes
and listen to the music of oblivion.

Mandara Pookal 28 July 2008

Cool ending to a violent beginning. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your write. mp

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It's so disturbing that people still purport to follow the evilness of Hitler. There is history in your words and we would do best to remember our past.

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Gregory Collins 18 November 2007

what about all the fools that died with him on their mind, if only the earth could erase the 20th century, nothing came out of it worth a mention

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Nimal Dunuhinga 10 November 2007

A dictator knows anything about human beings? for ism I add human...ism, a fine poem.

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Joscephine Gomez 09 July 2007

The last few lines ought to be read and understood by many leaders here in Asia. Thank you, Herbert for hitting the nail on its head really hard.

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Ruby Honeytip 29 October 2012

A brave and insightful narrative. My poetry is all beating hearts and silliness. Whilst that is true....I am capable of appreciating the depth of your work: ^) Thank you!

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Rekha Mandagere 22 June 2011

What a threat to humanity, even though the epoch has gone its impact is still prevailing. Thanks for awakening us with your educative poem. Marks 10

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Obinna Eruchie 25 May 2009

there is something about........ism hidden behind the meaning of words that bear it. brilliant work.

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 07 March 2009

Very true, Herbert........ism has spread everywhere, on all parts of the world. In different dresses, wearing different masks, having different names. Last two lines have consoling effect. Regards Naseer

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Tanya Stanford 31 August 2008

Lets just hope people remember him for his bad and learn from it. Brilliant piece of poetry

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