Pulse Is Weak Poem by Mariposa Mariposa

Pulse Is Weak

When I think of u my body get feelings the veins in my skin raise. They raise because the heart pumps the blood for my heart that at times of ur thoughts requires more blood to serve the organ that has hands for you
No surplus of blood, feeling, emotion it just floods when in ur periphery.
Those feelings sink thruuu my pores feeding calm by brain but
unable to feed the heart
Hungry. Starving for more of u r thought but it will sicken me
for I soon will not be able to remain awake if my blood
all goes to my heart
Mariposa u fluttering into my life has vibrated and dislodged brain and heart pushing me to use many other devices to breath
U have no idea the energy required to live in this space that craves your blossom and the pollination of ur flower that..........
Pulse is weak
Blossoms of thought no matter the color, the size, the texture
or the make up, once true are unable to be solved figured out
and I know that through experience gravity is of no influence.
Power has not possibility. Force would waste a concept and
the pulse would always be able to maneuver to its destination
I prefer to make u absorb what throw to u from here. We know that possibilty exist for things not to happen but through quiet of sound we can infuse touch on a wing of flight for u to feel uni verse and just tri minister what u perceive to be able to
ABSORB on ur cognition


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