Shireen Ramadan

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Puritans Inverting Cuckolds! - Poem by Shireen Ramadan

Cuckolds to abort, for whores & devoured, our surroundings ov Lord, as Roundheads explode.
Puritan needs in Lilith reflection, devoured in breed, for peasants' chrome worship.
Our labour & self-scrutiny, we're God's deputy, on his sphere ov spread, by strict laws ov realm.
Blocking prostitutes' catacombs, to serve your lust, from arachnids nest, your coiling repressed.
Concubines ov no resist, in grave masturbation lava, for vulvas in beat, black widows to sweep.
In a vomiting pulse, in disgust ov hearse, dominating need, as slaves indeed.
Our insects in creed, as waste ov bishop or virgins to eat, in cloak ov priest, by spooky spidering fire.
To kiss by kerosene, to watch them burn, their iconoclasm to reflect, to let the feast begin.
Let the fire devour enslaving orgasm, their coins, their icons, in black-veiled art ov seduction.
In self-obsessed, in a web ov flirt, cuckolds to abort, our bounty ov hurt.
As devouring arachnids, to weave the physical, agonies in crystal, to release nude Venus.
Swallowed bacterium liver, perfection to hover, for nymphs agora, medieval torment ov virtuous Tophet.
In Dystopic prophet, marsh ov beetles, our crying metaphor in fast glutton.
The seven gifts ov caged pleasure, drawing to a war ov barren, suicidal men ov lecheries, to a devouring punish.
On pagan altar, carnage caterpillar, rhapsodist ov rituals, spells ov ivory in aghast gods ov puritan.
DEVOUR, DEVOUR, speed ov gore-fest, I'm a Puritan war, untamed beasts & leeches to rise.
RISE, RISE, black widows to punish, I'm the puritan to invert a world ov sinners.....

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, August 11, 2012

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