Raj-Path Poem by Gopaldas Neeraj


Rating: 2.7

O pedestrian !
Walk with care.
This's Raj Path !

It's not a hamlet-lane
It's not a Mohalla's by-path
It's a metropolis Raj Path !

On it, black-trade is carried on
by pilferers and swindlers
in all types of limousines.

On it, beauty-proud damsels
Walk in semi-nude apparels.
So ! Be Careful.

The policeman on point-duty
Is not to guide you.
He's to guard and salute
An officer,
A leader,
A minister.
His duty toward you !
Whenever he wants
He can
Abuse you, beat you, challan you.
Can let you go scot-free
If you give him graft.
So ! Be careful.

You are…
An independent country's citizen
An organ of the Democratic set-up
Still, you can't saunter here
Because -
You're poor
You're ignorant
You're simpleton.
You may be a scholar
You may be a conformist
Your's may be a clear-conscience.

So ! walk with Care !

For you
This path is not
For you
The littered-path
Because -
You toiled
Amidst fields.
Because -
You severed rocks
To make this Earth enchanting.

So ! Walk with care !
Eh ! What're you up to ?
Crossing the path !
Don't -
Perhaps, you forget
This's Rajpath
And traffic-flow
Is as continuous
As a widow's tears.
A little negligence
And you'll be run over.
If you die !
No one will stop to -
Shed a tear or two
Dress your injury,
Inform your Kindred.

So ! Walk with care !
At your demise
I'll be not.
Because you're poor
And a poor-
Dies at his birth.

I am
Your young children
Your beloved spouse
Your pater families
Who, while waiting for you
Are thinking -
That you'll come
And bring them a bit of happiness.
Think !
If you die !
What'll happen to
Their innocent dreams and expectations.
So, don't go across the path.
Walk with care !
No ! No ! No !
Don't be disheartened !
You are a man !
Rise !
You can touch the skies !
A Time'll come
When this Rajpath
Will become Jan-path.
Then !
Traverse this path
Skip and smile
prance and laugh.

But today
Walk with care
This still is Raj-path !

Jawahar 16 May 2018

Can you post the original Hindi version of this poem?

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Gopaldas Neeraj

Gopaldas Neeraj

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