Random Rhymes Poem by Jon M. Nelson

Random Rhymes

I'm making this up as I go,
There is no particular reason.
My mind just goes with the flow,
Like the changing of a season.

This really has nothing to say,
Just a bunch of senseless rhyme.
But I will write it down anyway,
Just to help me pass the time.

Random thoughts pop in my head,
And I have to get them down.
Even if nothing special is said,
I may feel just like a clown.

Random rhymes do take over,
I can't help what will come out.
Like finding a four-leaf clover,
I have to stand up and shout.

This always happens to me,
I don't know how to explain it.
Words will come and flow so free,
And I'll have to write for a bit.

Sometimes I may have a tale,
Or an experience I have to share.
But as I let my mind set sail,
It could take me to anywhere.

I write it down with paper and pen,
But up on the stage I always choke.
I may be shy but kind of outspoken,
And I can always share a joke.

I do most of my writing at work,
When I have some time to kill.
That wasn't a pun to be a jerk,
But it somehow makes sense still.

As the day seems to drag on,
Thoughts will still fill my mind.
I do not wish them to be gone,
Or my creativity I won't find.

There is love, war, peace, and God,
So many subjects I could touch.
Yet some of my poems may be odd,
It's because I always think too much.

I can find so much inspiration,
In almost anything that is around.
From the defenders of the nation,
To the grass that is on the ground.

I could write about the feather,
That you would find on a bird.
I could talk about the weather,
But I'm sure you've already heard.

When I get thoughts like this,
I don't know how I want to end.
For me this is always poetic bliss,
There's a message I want to send.

Let your creativity always flow,
And you'll always stay on top.
When your mind is on the go,
There's no reason to ever stop.

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