Rare And Precious - Poem by JAMES T. ADAIR

Friendship.....it surprises us with it's kindness
and understanding and care
we're lost in our lives and suddenly
just when I felt alone...you were there

And me, just know somehow I've thought of you
and in you I make time to care
because knowing you I feel better about life
knowing you are there...somewhere

I wish you to be happy and hope sadness is brief
I hope to be included even if you turn over a new leaf
because something beautiful in you I see
that reminds me of the good I used to feel in me

You remind me that the best things in life are truly free
the special things that you can't always touch or see
But if we ever did meet, my hand you could hold
hope you don't mind if by that time I'm old

I've seen bad and good in the world and for a time was so sad
because I thought all of the world forgot about me and went bad
But you reminded me of the things precious and bright
and tried to make me smile and something about you feels right

You know you can ask me most anything
and its OK because it's you, and you're understanding and kind
you touch both my heart and my mind
Nicer friends it would be hard to find

So I'm lucky, myself I remind
even though much of life has felt unkind
I've been reminded that life's most wonderful and most joyous part
can be felt in the care and understanding of a friend's heart

Though good friends I can count on my fingers
and none are so near I can spend my time with them and linger
I know they care, and show it in little ways my heart does really feel
and slowly, steadily over time their quiet care is helping me to heal

Doesn't matter how far away...in my heart you'll forever stay

© James T. Adair

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 3, 2009

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