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Ray Of Faith, Rain Of Miracles - Poem by Maia Padua

(This piece is for a man who accepts Life's trial as sugar
suffering as honey through his faith and trust in God, life is never weary.
As our prayer for him, kindly leave your heartfelt quotes for his recovery
He is a man of dignity, a loving dad of our very own poetess CATRINA HEART...♥ ♥ ♥ ;)

Trials are teasers of life for someone who lost faith,
Sufferings are downfalls for someone who lost hope,
But for someone who believes in His Name,
He knows, no one is to be blamed.
Even in pain, sees the greatness of His love,
Even in grief, sees His spirit like a dove,
Even in a ray of faith, nothing is impossible,
When God works, comes rain of miracles.

A man lives far away, away from his family,
In that distant land, in a land of milk and honey,
Away from his family, away from his native land,
Distance separates, only their love help them withstand.
His smile, his laughter his daughter had longed for,
To have him live longer is all she could ask for,
A loving father, any child could wish for a dad,
Her poems, inspired by him, cry not, she tried so hard.

Diagnosed with diabetes, for transplant he patiently waited
Diagnosed with cancer, but never have lost faith
Yesterday, an operation was another plight
And he faced it with strength, with all his might
He met an accident, but escaped from death
He faced life bravely, until God will take his last breath.

He lives alone, alone with his pain
Only three years, doctors said his life to end
Only three years, a chance for him to live
Waiting for the time God takes the life He gives
Waiting patiently for answers of their prayers
Until time swiftly flies, the days go by,
His life reach another eight years, unnoticed
A gift from God, another five years death he surfaced.

Even in just a ray of faith,
Even in a single strand of hope,
God will listen, God will hear, God will console
He is the ruler of life, the captain of our soul
If we could pray a single prayer today, we’d pray for you
To take the pain away, give you a new dawn, a new start
Let God hear this poem when He read
Contains our payers, a song of plead.

Let be our faith, our hopes and our love,
Make God’s love worthy, make things possible
Either in a rainbow or in just a ray of faith
God gives us life and His rains of miracles.
But if we really have to leave our human body
Let sadness stays for a moment only
For our life find its meaning, only, in our journey towards eternity.

♥ ♥ ♥ My friend Catrina Heart...our prayers be with your family..always..
for your dad...for his immediate recovery...
let our message lingers in his mind...our love be engraved in his heart...FOREVER
SIR, this is for YOU...♥ ♥ ♥

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Poem Submitted: Friday, July 31, 2009

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