Reading Between The Lines

Reading Between the Lines by Kenny Davis

I often read between the lines
Which you might find strange
Rearrange the words in my head
To see if the meaning will change

The words that are said
The expressions, too hard to ignore
My heart wishes to take each words meaning for its worth
Hoping that they are to form something that means even more

I hope these words aren’t just dead
For I find them nothing but stuck in my head
Cursed to endlessly travel my mind
Lord just please send me a sign

I look to read beyond the words
To covet the essence of the gentle soul who wrote them
That they may ravage me in her heart
And her love, with actions, will promote them

I keep staring at the words
Of this seemingly love filled edition
Wondering if our love for one another will grow
Perhaps if I changed these words’ meaning, or definition

I tend to read too much into things
Reading into that’s not there
But for the way I feel for this one
I am hoping this feeling is just not out of thin air

For all she has said
She indeed has my heart smitten
To banish questions of what she feel for me from my mind
Its apparent there’s a lot more that needs to still be written

© k.davis December 2013

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: confusion