Sunshine After The Rain

Sunshine, After the Rain by Kenny Davis

I am in need of my Sunshine
If only, but a mere ray or two
To bring back the colorful life back to this pale vessel
Allow me to lay my body out for you

Bless me with the gift of your warm radiance
And glistening luster upon my skin
Allow my body to spread its pores wide open
To allow it the pleasure of soaking, of taking you in

From the crown of my brow
Beyond the crests of my chest
Allow my body to bask in the essence
Of your shimmering glow upon itself

What would it take?
To get the warmth of your fire next to me
To have you all to myself
To give my body what it needs

For far too long
My body’s color would fade in the shade
Laying lifeless and dull
From self deprivation of your alluring rays

Please my dear Sunshine
Allow me to bathe in your rays
Fill me with your warm embrace
And set my soul ablaze

Oh my Sunshine
Would you set my skin on fire
In hopes of satisfying
My body’s desire

If only but a touch of your rays
From the very moment you rise
Please come to me to satisfy my need
My oh so darling Sunshine

©k.davis September 2013

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love