Recognition Poem by Linda Coker


I hear You calling from afar
And yet my ears do not discern
The Shepherd’s voice known to His sheep
This stubborn lamb has much to learn.

I know You speak from deep inside
Called intuition or gut instinct
That Voice is the filter, our moral guide
To keep us on course and off the brink.

But most times, Lord, I need to hear
Your voice in deafening frequencies
Capturing my attention loud and clear
Like hurricane winds that toss the trees.

You speak in creative, cosmic ways
Simple it should be to open my ears
And yes, my heart and soul and mind
To know Your will and quell my fears.

But I let distractions daily drown
What I most need to comprehend
I rarely turn the world’s noise down
To hear the messages You send.

You’re lovingly calling every day
Inside my routine, my job, my car
In music, nature, a child’s sweet play
But recognition’s incredibly hard.

Of course, mistaken is what I’ve been
Your voice is not like a distant star
You’re always as close, Lord, as my skin
It’s me who drifts often and afar.

I hear You calling, You’re very near
Whispering soft as a gentle breeze
Speaking words I need to hear
To bring me humbly to my knees.

John 10: 4: “…he goes before them, and the sheep follow him because they know his voice.”

(6-15-08-Father’s Day)

Ency Bearis 06 August 2008

a great verses, nice to read..great write...thanks for sharing... Ency Bearis

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