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His face was still and lifeless
Like I've never seen it before
The form resembled my loved one indeed
But I really was quite unsure

I watched a leaf falling so gracefully,
It seemed as weightless as it could be.
It caught a light breeze, gently touched down,
And swiftly began inching across the ground.

Think of me as your face is brushed
By the gentle ocean breeze,
And as it softly sweeps through palms
And rustles all the leaves;

How I long to remove the rage
That’s etched upon his boyish brow
Unclench the fists so tight and tense
And smooth the lips shaped in a scowl

The oddest thing has happened,
And I hardly know what to say,
The man in the moon has come down with the mumps
And he cannot come out today.

Lily had a funny cat
His name was Bob
And he was fat.

Goodbye to all
Original thought
I shall not think again
Computers, machines

I feel the heat between us-
Is it passion? raw desire?
With all the pop and sizzle
Of an orangey-blue wood fire?

I cannot know the breadth of your love
With no defined borders for me to see
My arms can’t expand enough to display
Just how much you truly love me.

The rats were thick
Back in the alley,
Behind the home
Of Mrs. Talley.

Mr. C did not feel well,
The pain was in his back.
He twisted, squirmed, he tossed and turned,
But those bones just would not crack

The fight begins downstairs
Then up a flight it goes
While fists and curses fly
Along with shoes and clothes

A knight in dripping armor
Came forth to rescue me,
Dismounted from his seahorse,
Limped out of the foaming sea.

I’ve started a brand new diet
But I don’t suggest you try it
I’m calling this one “Starvation”
Aptly named, a revelation

O to be that black bird
High atop the pepper tree
Balanced on the swaying branch
And gazing down at me

Too-soon dawns greet bleary eyes
Etched in pain that fail to disguise
Treacherous journeys faced each day
Restless nights fall hard and stay

It bounces in and kicks about
If I focus upon it, it bounces out

It does not stay, but leaves a trail

It takes all I’ve got just to wake up
And whatever’s left to arise.
I drag my legs over the edge of the bed
And attempt to pry open my eyes.

How red the waves that lap the shore
And stir the tumbled grains of sand
Where lifeless lay our gallant young
Whose shoulders national honor bore

Starry, brilliant, shimmering sky
Backdrop of velvet so rich, so deep
Makes me wonder who am I
Gazing, counting, seeking sleep?

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Writer, poet, wife, working woman, dreamer...a California girl melting down in Arizona! I love to rhyme, and focus on simplicity and fun! Enjoy my work. First book published Oct.2008: Laugh Lines by Linda D. Coker. It's a book of fun, rhyming poetry, easy to read, something for everyone! Found on sites of many on-line retailers.)

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Dead Men Don't....

His face was still and lifeless
Like I've never seen it before
The form resembled my loved one indeed
But I really was quite unsure

The mouth had fallen open
The brow had lost its stress
Such peace surrounded this motionless man
At his horizontal rest

I leaned in for a better glimpse
Then came an alarming ROAR!
I knew right away that this stiff was mine
For dead men just don't snore! !


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