Redeemed Love, Flourishment Of The Altar Of Flesh Poem by Cristobal Benjumea

Redeemed Love, Flourishment Of The Altar Of Flesh

Were standing in the mirror which reflects the will of god

the upstanding forms of white marbles, emblematic of on the green grass field

they emanaate love

a gift of god to humans

that leads to your golden gate,

and your phisical presence inspires me to boogie amongs the lilies

i am so joyfull, its great, happiness reveals new horizons, of blood red skies joy fills my cup til it overflows on the painted tapestry beneath

i walk down the tree lined road, my forehead touches the sky

i give her love, she gives me love, this is the waltz in the rain, then wedance the tango and reach the shores of the island of jungle.

i come closer, you come closer, love is consumated like fire consumes the we stand in the palace, this is the solemn requiem of the universe

my hair is full of ladies hair pins

im petrified of your long legs, of your absence

the stars giude me, casiopea resounds and touches me, on my journey to destiny

i love you let me closer, aall these rooms are filled with hope

my interir is filled with light

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