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Redskins Vs. Chief Wahoo - Poem by Luke Easter

Here’s a piece of information most people have never heard,
“Redskins” to the American Indian is equal to the, “N” word,
Remember the, “Frito Bandito” & the uprising of Hispanics?
Like then, people feel there is no cause for worldwide panic.

But it is not about most people, who have not had their home,
Stolen by outsiders building cities where Buffalo used to roam,
Death to those refusing to forget their birthright native tongue,
Burned at the stake and/or firing squads in front of their young.

An offensive & derogatory term referring to Native Americans.
The U.S. paying for each Indian killed is from whence it begins,
In lieu of carrying bodies killers would present scalps for pay,
Since, “Redskins” was offensive then many feel it still is today.

Some believe the use of 'Red' is as a color metaphor for race,
Others say, it constitutes war paint donned on a warriors face,
Does it really matter when a nation, not immigrants, shall say?
They’re the ones to determine that & they want it taken away.

However, the all powerful National Football League says no,
Not compensating concussions suffered by former players so,
Players sue, legal action, settlement reached & mucho denari,
NFL gets to admit no wrongdoing not even to say we’re sorry.

Native Americans do not like to use, “Red” like Rappers use, “N, ”
From the derogatory definition associated with both now and then,
How African American youth seem to take pride in slinging it back,
Slave ships or Times Square, it is still demeaning and that is a fact.

“I will never change the name Redskins, you can put that in CAPS, ”
So says team owner, Daniel Synder in a stubborn vocal facial slap,
President Obama weighed in and that’s supposed to incite a scare?
GOP refuses a compromise on the shutdown because of Obamacare.

Billion$ Industry v. Nation where the game is played on stolen land,
Fan based contest to come up with a new Moniker, so easily they can,
Concerned with safety too bad helmets are not hard as Synder’s head,
Those saying, “Redskins” should not be changed are legally brain dead.

Chief Wahoo of the Cleveland Indians is not really a Chief after all,
Logo only has one feather meaning he is a Brave but should he fall?
Chief’s have a full headdress & there is no derogatory meaning here,
As racist characteristics associated with Redskins, is nothing to fear.

Oh how amazing, cartoons depicting Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Jews,
Deleted without fanfare there’s no need for protests or front page news,
“Spirit of pure joy, unbridled enthusiasm' created a smiling Indian face,
New 1947 design requested by Bill Veeck, Chief Wahoo is not a disgrace.

Still, there are factions of remaining tribes’, who are offended by the logos,
Will the billion dollar machines NFL & MLB loose $$ if these symbols go?
Shouldn’t Native Americans have the right to decide what is & what is not?
Lies, broken treaties, mineral rights appropriated, pride is all they have got.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, October 10, 2013

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