Refugee From Debauchery Poem by David Welch

Refugee From Debauchery

There was man named Garrison,
and he lived the good life,
flush with that big trust-fund money,
he hungered for the night,
for booze and bodies tight,
the finest clubs were his domain,
his bar tabs were truly insane,
his one-night stands were numerous,
the affairs always light.

He was technically a lawyer
in his father's old firm,
was kept on mostly for his name,
got more money to burn,
deserved not what he ‘earned, '
his condo was a bachelor pad,
wis many friends thought it was rad,
the women came and women went,
an ever-constant churn.

But Garry saw no problem here,
he was ‘living the dream, '
ladies and drugs, mountains of cash,
the dreams of quiet teens,
a hit in every scene…
but his father just sighed and said,
"Keep it up and you'll end up dead."
Still Garry saw no issue with
enjoying his own green.

Though as he went through his twenties
he noticed a strange thing,
every time he lived it on up,
less pleasure did it bring,
less fun in every fling,
it was fun but not as intense,
at fist this did not make much sense,
he'd always so enjoyed this life,
now it wasn't working…

And worse still was the growing pain
that he'd feel the next day,
sometimes it made him stop to ask
if he wanted to play,
Or at home should he stay?
He had achieved what most men want,
a wild life that he could flaunt,
so then why, when being honest,
did he no longer crave?

And then one day at twenty-eight
his friends wanted to drink,
the thought of it made his bones hurt,
so away he did slink,
depressed, needing to think...
looked at his life, what did he see?
Pregnancy scares and STDs,
and a handful of nights he'd slept
off his drunk in the clink.

Nothing to show for all his fun,
nothing that could impress,
the world did not care that he had
dropped many a tight dress,
everything seemed a mess,
and worst of all, he'd no savings,
he'd always blown through everything,
while his brother had made partner,
Garry himself felt less.

He would soon drift far from his friends,
far from the debauchery,
felt like a stranger in his own life,
some sort of refugee,
his path he could not see…
What was life now? He couldn't say,
what once was clear now seemed so gray,
he wondered if this was adulthood,
searching for what to be…

Thursday, December 19, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: age,alcohol,celebration,drinking,growing up,growth,rhyme,youth
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