The Woman I Loved... Poem by David Welch

The Woman I Loved...

Oh the woman I loved was unfaithful
I found out that hard truth today,
now when I look at her I feel hateful
since she found another for her play.
She told me we would be forever,
forever is five years it seems,
oh the woman I loved was unfaithful,
and left me with just shattered dreams.

Oh the woman I loved was unfaithful,
I guess she just wanted more gold,
for my hard work she was so ungrateful,
and the love she once felt had grown cold.
She took to bed with a rich lawyer,
who had a fine wife of his own,
now the woman I loved, so unfaithful
has broken up another home.

Oh the woman I loved was unfaithful,
in a bar I found the lawyer's wife,
such a pretty thing all sad and doleful,
I bought her a few drinks that night.
A few drinks lead to something much greater,
did my best to show her a good time,
thank the woman I loved, so unfaithful,
cause the lawyer's ex-wife now is mine.

Oh the woman I loved was unfaithful,
and that lawyer's wife sought a divorce,
pointed out his actions so disgraceful,
and she took all he had in the courts.
She walked away with seven figures,
now it's our communal property,
praise the lawyer and my ex unfaithful,
since I'm living well on his money.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: betrayal,cheating,divorce,irony,loss,lost love,love,lyrics,relationship,rhyme
Practicing Poetess 27 August 2019

David, this is VERY, VERY good- - Reads like a song- - With a surprise twist ending! Loved it! (Serves the 2 cheaters right- - they got what they deserved! ! !) :)

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Practicing Poetess 29 August 2019

You could make a recording of yourself humming or singing the melody you have in your head. Or find a musically talented friend who'd be willing to set to music what you are hearing. Don't stop now- - Take it the next step! :)

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David Welch 27 August 2019

Yeah, it definitely has a melody to it in my head, but my ability to write out melodies with notes and all that is sorely lacking compared to my rhyme scheme. Thanks for reading.

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Uche Nwanze 27 August 2019

Unfaithfulness or infidelity is a hydra dreaded monster that destroys marriages and relationships. Thanks a lot for sharing

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