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'Reincarnational Lives 27/12/09 - Poem by Margaret Alice

Accompanied hubby to church where we
learnt the Pastor is going on leave to the
Free State, well, that is what I remember
best after a sermon focused on the fact
that the nativity scene did not include the
three wise men, they came afterwards

I fail to see the importance but it clearly
made the pastor feel better to get it off his
chest - right now I am gloating about a tidy
kitchen, I cleaned it myself; hubby smiling
after watching ‘Bedtime Stories’ with Adam
Sandler, promising happy endings

The universe splits every time we make a
decision and for every probability there is a
happy ending in an alternative universe and
every happy ending is the beginning of a new
infinite cycle of choices which explains the
meaning of infinity - I feel so much love

For my family, knowing that after leaving them
to their own devices à la Shantaram they will go
on trying means and ends to their hearts’ delight
until they figure out whether the end justifies the
means; I want to read ‘Seth Speaks’ by Jane
Roberts to enjoy Seth’s take on reality

Claiming we live reincarnational lives not con-
secutively but simultaneously – that our seven-
teenth century experience runs concurrently
with our lives in 3000 AD, something I love to
contemplate; impossible to ascertain whether
it is true, but so glorious to stave off boredom!

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