Representation Games Poem by David Welch

Representation Games

I keep hearing them say it
in the media these days,
we need representation,
it's the only thing they say!
Now if they say it that much
they must be quite serious,
so I looked on into it,
and ended up quite non-plussed.
'Cause based on demographics
it seems to me rather plain
that if we're to make progress
then we'll have to make a change.

You see I've noticed on screen
a third of people look black,
and for the longest time I
thought nothing was wrong with that.
But then I say the census
and I was rather amazed
that blacks were thirteen percent
of this country's modern day,
which means there are too many
getting jobs in Hollywood,
I assume is not that good.
what people have lost their shot
of being portrayed in film
because of miscalculation,
how many folks never will?
So if we are to be fair,
represent folks properly,
start firing black actors,
or you hate diversity!

But even more worrisome,
and even more out of whack,
are the percentages of gay
characters that people act.
The way our TV shows it
one-fifth of the people are gay,
but according to surveys
only three percent feel that way!
Which means what's on the TV
does not represent real life,
and if we cannot see ourselves
how can we develop right?
To balance out the numbers
means drastic measures, I fear,
to correct representation
means less stories about ‘queer.'

But that's not the start of it,
look at the folks some call ‘trans, '
cause celebre in Hollywood,
are they woman, are they man?
See so many in movies,
but if we're to represent
then I will have to point out
they're.02 percent.
Once again they're too many,
and something has to be done,
since being represented
is vital to everyone!
To cast so many trans folk
can really do lots of harm,
you're underrepresenting
all of the people who aren't!

Unless, of course, these crusades
are only a load of bull,
nothing more than a charade,
a chance to virtue signal,
so shallow people feel special
without having to do work,
a chance to puff themselves up,
look down on others as jerks.
There's nothing people like more
then feeling they're somehow great,
and if the truth impedes that
then reality becomes ‘hate.'
I suppose we could go back
to hiring on merit,
but they're not gonna do that…
someone might call them 'bigot.'

Wednesday, July 21, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: society,political,truth,how i feel,film,satire,humorous
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