Return Poem by Tatiana Elliott


Open Arms and warming smile
'Haven't seen you for a while? '
Father, father, help me return
Teach me Lord, there's much to learn.

Feeble heart and eyes grown weak
Wandering mind, though it's you I seek
Ground me Lord, yes move my feet
From the sand to the rock of peace.

Father, Father, take me back
Though this soul, it walked off track
You hold every thing that I lacked
Homebound steps; no bag on back

Can't believe you're waiting there
Arms outstretched; my burden beared
Your hands reached out and took my nails
They hammered for every time I failed

I searched for welcome smiles but found none
The welcome was in the dying son
He grimaced, he cried, he bled, he hung
'Father they know not what they've done'

I could not reconcile my debt
I betrayed you Lord; a kiss on the head
A wicked heart, a mind mislead
I betrayed the king; I betrayed my friend.

That bag of silver seems nothing now
Those eyes plead 'neath his wearied brow
'Forgive them father' a pure heart therein
My Jesus took my debt of sin

This new embrace it felt quite strange
The father turned his face away
It cause him grief and loss and pain
My God is glorious; yes, he is brave

But then there was a mighty thing
So good it caused my heart to sing
I was forgiven, Yes I was redeemed
The father looked upon me and beamed!

He smiled, arms reaching and a feet pounding run
Though I thought of the cross and all that I'd done
Tears streaming in an embrace with the holiest one
He now looked at me and he saw his son.

My Jesus; patient, loving, unending grace
His joy and kindness and brave embrace
As I gaze, his glory lights up my face
As I step out with him; he guides my pace

Thankyou Father for all you've done
Thankyou God for sending your son
That I might not perish as rightfully so
But in your mercy and grace to your courts I may go

Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: jesus,reunion,forgiveness
Our father is waiting on the edge of his porch squinting in the distance, eager and waiting to find us. Even when we are still a long way off but a shadow on the horizon, he is waiting. We are the prodigal son, the betrayer. Reunite.
Edward Kofi Louis 16 February 2016

There are many things To learn on earth; under the hands of Righteous Teachers Thanks for sharing.

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