Return Of Rubber Poetry Poem by Nyein Way(Maung Maung Thein)

Return Of Rubber Poetry

Return Of Rubber Poetry

extraordinary principle of hope in poetic time is cinematic justice.

journey of the fullest beings:
state of being.humeless.exiles.colours' flight of fravility.odigins of homes is reconciliation between spirituality, existential angst, multitude of interconnected nature in cosmic uncertaint.quuantumic montages.birds as birds.glassland's sculpture of nodes, codes and ascending reality of footsteps towards utopian reality.critucal discourse of home fluxus in karmic-rhyzomic-sunyata reality of births in voyager of multiuniversal truths.
back to oeigin of text and of poetic liberation in textual -media -concept alchemy of universal human beungs and of universal postconcsptualist's globe of postcontemporaneity in the process of mind till the end of egoistic anthropocenic breath.
zen of morion and of stillness and of universal fullness.
zen-tao in nature of motion and of silence poem.

karmic...act and react

nyein way

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