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Roman 1: 3-4 - Poem by Don Nguyen

Predestined to be Son of God by His own power or virtue,
Of what power, what nature? Of divine nature?
The Son of God, of the Father is God Himself, like his Father,
Incarnated into flesh has neither destroyed nor replaced the bond with His Father,
For finite created flesh is subject to the infinite creating Divinity;
And the Son is the Word of God, not created but exists since eternity; begotten meaning He simply exists, not being created.
The Son was begotten from the Father and the Father delights in the Son.
Be begotten by God means the natural propagation or spreading of the infinite natural perfection, the Divine Love because the Love of the Father Which is so infinite and so loving perfect requires the need for Love Equal and to be loved equally, but the subject of the Father’s Love to be satisfactory and worthy for a God has to be a God Himself.
Thus for the infinitely sublime nature and dignity of His Love, the Word or Second Person of the Holy Trinity were begotten to be God, to be with God, the perfect union of God.

To illustrate this so sublime point, we can use a meager human comparison.
A child is created by God from nothing, but begotten by His parents who cannot create another living creature equal in nature to them but simply beget their child who comes from their flesh and share their nature, and out of their act of love.

But begetting does not mean an inferior natural mutation;
Such is manifested in cell proliferation in which cell is self- divided to multiply.
Begetting is to share one’s true identity and nature with another equal being in dignity in love in everything and that being come from one true self.

So I can be begotten by God in God if I am converted by Divine Grace into a higher being who comes from me but completely different in me in nobility, in nature, in spirituality, and in love of God and not of the flesh. I have taken up God’s nature or I have been divinized, being made like God.

Now getting back to our main focus or subject which is the Second Person in Blessed Trinity
Who is the Word of God or Divine Love Expressed, the Divine Expression of Divine Love.
The Word does not cease to be God after He made Himself man or incarnated into human flesh;
He did not subject Himself a debasement of His Divinity but he has elevated Humanity to the level of nobility by His perfect and most sublime humility.
The God-man retains dual natures, Divine and human, Who could performed prodigies of love in healing and blessing while walking on earth two thousands ago.
Oh, for a moment, I longed to see Him walking but it was foolish of me for He is with me always, all the times.

The Father and the Son are always together because Divinity cannot beget by splitting or mutation through apparent division or annihilation of inferior nature.
The Second Person became the Man named Jesus Christ.
Jesus is the Greek word for Israelite Joshua meaning the One who saves.
And Christ is also Greek word for the Anointed or Chosen One or Messiah.
Jesus the Christ is a man Who is the Son of God through the Divine Nature of the Word generated by the Father, Who incarnated Himself willingly through the Power of the Holy Spirit for salvation of humanity.
He also predestined Himself to the Son of God through human nature for by the dual nature; He has become the Son of God, God Himself, equal to God in all attributes, in perfection, in power, in wisdom, and in love.
Jesus Christ is begotten, not created, into the seed of David to acquire a human body to have a human free will as free will is always associated with the cruelty of the enslaving flesh
And the God-man Jesus showed His free Will, just like ours, in all His actions while walking on earth
He had rendered His free Will according how He wished, when and whom and what, neither elements nor creatures could have oppressed the perfect free Will of the living man-God.
But He did not abuse His free Will to escape from the death on the Cross for He has subject His free Will to the Will of His Father, our Father, which is the ultimate Sacrifice of the Cross! (I sob …)
If He did, He would have abused His free Will to commit a prevarication or defiling the divine Truth of His infinite Power as the son of God, God Himself; He would become infinitely greater rebel than Lucifer or Satan who once was the greatest angel of light.
Christ was never a rebel even under natural human repugnance of cruelest torture because He has placed His free will below the Will of the Father.
Now you can comprehend the Sacred Scripture which states that He has made Himself the Son of God by His own perfect virtue and power which is the love for the Father God and through the most perfect humility and obedience; and I say this as a very improper and pale comparison, He is the perfect antithesis of prideful Lucifer
Equal in power and glory but He always said to His Father, “Your Will be done, ” and meekly and quietly and obediently subjected himself under ropes and chains to be dragged to the Summit of love which is Golgotha to be the perfect Sacrifice for His folly Love of us, of each one of us. Oh how I love Him! How I love Him!
He had free will but He had used it to be perfect as man as He was already perfect as God
You could have said, “He could not sin for He was God.” But it is incorrect for He was also man who was subject to all aspects of the flesh.
Temptations are the means to sin if they are not rejected; while temptation itself is not bad as it can be used to build virtue; however, uncontrolled willful temptation constitutes a sin

And all the harsh temptations were thrown against Him, all hatred, all flesh, all hell fire, envy, violence, slander, rancor, vulgar, torture, mental anguish, envy of hell and of men were against Him
And He emerged as the Victor even if He was meek as the Lamb.

However, Jesus did not sin because He had the power to resist sins; he did not sin because He did not want to sin; so perfect He abhorred sin, regardless of the circumstances or enemies; He as the perfect God does not want to live any way differently than being perfect, most loving, most forgiving, most noble, most holy.

Thus for this perfection in justice in dealing injustice, He had solemnly declared that He was the Son of God, God Himself made man to dwell among us, the Emmanuel, the anointed One of God, our Savior
Thus we can be called the sons and daughters of God if we conduct our lives in justice in every action, and justice is to love your neighbors as yourself, to do to others as you want them to do unto you; more so, being just means to be pleasing in all things in the eyes of the Father God.

By His true divine nature, Jesus wanted to be holy when being subject to the flesh to be the First-Born of the eternal family of the children of God, co-heirs of the Heavenly Kingdom of heaven. And remember what the first-born means to Jewish custom, the first-born is the one to be dedicated and consecrated to the service of God. Do you want to be the first-born of God? If so, just imitate your big Brother Jesus Christ!

Finally, He declared Himself the Son of God by His spontaneous Resurrection, killed by men for the salvation of men, consumed as the holocaust or Sacrifice, dead then infused Himself again to Life on His own power, to glorious Victory for by Death, He has conquered death, once and for all, to grant us all a chance for eternal life. So live your lives wisely.

Final dialogue,

Soul, “But they would say that these things have already been said before.”

The Divine Voice, “Yes, it is true for all the learnt have convinced, have excessively analyzed, have catalogued all these thoughts out of their human knowledge.
But not for you, you do not remember, you do not catalogue; for you, everything is always new, beautifully new like the very first time.
You are the simple child of God full of faith and love.
And I speak through you.
Only through you.
What marvelous is that now the Divine Truth through My lesson drawn from the epistle of he who preached about Christ even after his death can now spring up as the miracle of Love and Life to open up every Divine mercy to all mankind.'

Soul, “My Lord and my God, the Spirit of Love, the Third Person of the Most Blessed Trinity,
It has been most undeserved bliss and most sublime privilege to Thy most unworthy servant to be in Your Divine Presence in order to receive Divine Instruction.

I now adore Thee and I thank Thee. Amen”

Poet's Notes about The Poem

“Concerning his Son, who was made to him of the seed of David, according to the flesh, Who was predestinated the Son of God in power, according to the spirit of sanctification, by the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead…” (Roman 1: 3-4)

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