Rope Tricks And Lighthouses Poem by Sailing to windward

Rope Tricks And Lighthouses

Cinnamon coloured slingbacks dangle from her fingers,
as she searches the tide line for discarded gems.
A warm steady breeze whispers somewhere offshore,
but she turns her head in fear of sandy eyes.

Years of leaning over crumbling crenelations
make it hard to hold on to all experienced there.
In desperate yearning, eyes forward and down looking,
she misses the footsteps that trail away behind..

Hoping for a message from a newly discovered bottle,
but, the only bottles here were cast there by her hand.
The verses once inside had lines that knew no score,
and the all important labels soaked off long ago.

Bending to dip her fingers, hair hitched behind her ear,
the wind has a glimpse of beauty hidden inside.
She cools her blistered fingers and walks on firmer sand,
she knows this place is empty, but feels safe here on her own.

Rope tricks and lighthouses offered with every tide,
no place yet she wants to visit or to call her home,
she cannot see the treasure she’s had there all the time,
if she’d only turn and lift her head and learn to trust again.

R H 29 January 2008

A wonderfully visual narrative in which the landscape and mindscape are cleverly entwined. It's a hauntingly sad, slightly mystical peice which echoes the hush of the sea and imprints it's visuals on the mind. Beautifully observed and composed Bob. jz.

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Paul Buttigieg 04 December 2007 it.........very descriptive............what I like is a story I can envision as I read along...................this did it for me. Thanks

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Tom J. Mariani 30 November 2007

Once again you have brought written images to life. Having 'her' retrive bottles with verses inside that 'were cast there by her own hand.' brings to my mind a whole range of youthful mystical idealism. Tossing a bottle in the surf in the hopes it is retrived by someone else is one thing. Getting a message back, or getting a new message from someone else who has 'cast' a bottle like you is another. The rest of you images leaves me to ponder further - -'firmer sand'? ? somewhere further from land, closer to the surf- -'blistered fingers'? ? from fishing her own messages from bottles she has tossed- - I'll be rereading and enjoying this one. Tom

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