Sailing to windward Poems

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((0)) Faith, Rocks And Other Rainbows

If thoughts
were carried on scented winds
And prayers
were caught by candle light,

(0) Gone Green

Ages ago,
he converted
to envy

When I Go (Message From My Mother To My Father)

When I’m gone, I will be
quiet as a mouse;
My scent upon the pillow still,
But I will have left the house.

In Community

In community lies strength of numbers.
to support the sick and the weak.
In community somebody hears me,
with louder voices to speak


Her warm teary breath fogs the mirror glass
as she tries to fix her face to pass
the coming frantic wave of hands.

(0) Pandora's Hope

What's expected of this thing called hope;
is it a medicine; is it just smoke?
Merely a screen - perhaps a misty haze,
to sweeten our journey around life's maze?

((O)) Wrist Tag, Toe Tag

At birth,
a tag on the wrist
generates a list
of places one may roam.

(0) Me First

I am left behind
In constant state of catching
Up flies another target
And I miss

(0)pity The Pen

The temple siren calls, deep within his walls,
stirring in his isolation, a need for expression and creation.
Reaching for notelets, grabbing at memorets and pigeon holes,
his hands slide and his memory glides,

(*)the Hat That Fits

The hat that fits the head that shakes
knows not the warmth that nodding makes.
The shirt worn on the back that turns
knows not the joy that friendship earns.

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