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If thoughts
were carried on scented winds
And prayers
were caught by candle light,

Ages ago,
he converted
to envy

When I’m gone, I will be
quiet as a mouse;
My scent upon the pillow still,
But I will have left the house.

Her warm teary breath fogs the mirror glass
as she tries to fix her face to pass
the coming frantic wave of hands.

What's expected of this thing called hope;
is it a medicine; is it just smoke?
Merely a screen - perhaps a misty haze,
to sweeten our journey around life's maze?

At birth,
a tag on the wrist
generates a list
of places one may roam.

I am left behind
In constant state of catching
Up flies another target
And I miss

In community lies strength of numbers.
to support the sick and the weak.
In community somebody hears me,
with louder voices to speak

The temple siren calls, deep within his walls,
stirring in his isolation, a need for expression and creation.
Reaching for notelets, grabbing at memorets and pigeon holes,
his hands slide and his memory glides,

The hat that fits the head that shakes
knows not the warmth that nodding makes.
The shirt worn on the back that turns
knows not the joy that friendship earns.

Cinnamon coloured slingbacks dangle from her fingers,
as she searches the tide line for discarded gems.
A warm steady breeze whispers somewhere offshore,
but she turns her head in fear of sandy eyes.

Not for you, those cold clothes
woven of worry and made ragged with regret.
You lived your final hours fearlessly, as if becalmed,
with a whole life yet to fetch that other shore.

We pass each other a tissue of lies
With which to dry reptilian tears

It seemed it was forever thus.

It was a glorious day in Padstow:
A real seaside bucket and spade day.
We strolled the little Cornish port in sunshine:
wifey and girls in search of arty bargains:

Oh to be your lasting rock,
to wrap you safe in tissue;
to turn back that heartless clock,
or set the quickening sand;

I stood, waiting,
looking through the glass darkly,
searching down that lane,
edged with dry stone walls:

If not for you, I’d be adrift;
My soul would find no rest.
Because of you, I live in love
and all my days are blessed.

An eight line verse I tried to write,
It kept me up near half the night.
Twas not so much the missing rhyme
More vexing was the metre's time.

We left the beach and dusty road
And scrambled up the rock strewn hill
The moon was full, as were our hearts
And all around was still

If you're not on board when my ferry sails,
and the spiteful wind's moaning its tirade,
I'll wait by the gate till your bright light hails.

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Life is but a tear-drop clinging briefly to a smile)

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((0)) Faith, Rocks And Other Rainbows

If thoughts
were carried on scented winds
And prayers
were caught by candle light,
If love
was found under seaside rocks
And dreams
fell ripe from honey trees,
If faith
was kept afloat, gliding,
in a green canoe,
and fish knew
our given names
- and how to let us go,
and if life
was more than a teardrop
to a smile,
and wars were fought
with lollipops and laughter,
and our children
never cried,
would we still need
those 'good books'
and rainbows in the sky?

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Rev. Sky Starr 20 November 2019

Greetings Sailing to Windward, I'm assuming you're from Grenada from your poem " St. Georges Grenada..." I, too am from Grenada and I'm humbled and delighted to use your poem " In Community" at our 11th Community Interfaith Remembrance on Saturday, Dec.7th,2019 - In Toronto, Canada. Very prolific list. Grateful to share from it. Blessings and continued productivity! Rev. Sky

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Konjit Berhane 12 January 2008

Hey to windward hope...nice nick and nice poems...i hope some day...i will be as good as u...hope to read more of your work and i wish u all the best..... peace, love and freedom on earth koni

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The slopes to the moral high ground are thickly planted with hypocrites.

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Sailing to windward Popularity

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