Run Mumbai Run Poem by Isaac 'slimx'

Run Mumbai Run

Run Mumbai run,
run still clinging to your cross,
run for the sake of your children,
for the sons of belial have risen up against you,
good has kissed the canvas,
wickedness is highly exalted this day,
darkness is enjoying a fleeting victory.

Run Mumbai run,
lest your days be wasted,
for I have seen blood at thy street corner,
the toiling man's life has been cut short,
by the hands of terror and pestilence,
never to return to this side of Jordan,
his day labour ended, his fears forever gone.

Run Mumbai run,
for the hour of reckoning is here,
the widows and the fatherless line the streets,
sorrow has besieged your exalted places,
now is no time for slackness,
flee like Lot from Sodom,
do not delay lest you become like Gomorrah.

Run Mumbai run,
run without looking backward,
for this race is against time,
it’s a race for posterity and destiny,
like a man contending with his maker,
so shall evil be within your borders,
fighting but never prevailing.

Run Mumbai run,
though you may stumble, keep going,
for it’s a day of sorrow, tears and blood,
a day of falling, wailing and lamentation,
evil has met up with good,
light is squaring up with darkness,
the victims once again, are the children of men.

Run Mumbai run,
fly like a bird if you can,
weep loud for your wounded,
rend your clothes, your soul and your heart,
for your virgin daughters have been assaulted,
walk no more for terror is in your city,
destruction like a fierce lioness is on the prowl.

Run Mumbai run,
don’t count this a result of your sins,
it’s not a recompense for your transgressions,
for it is not time for judgement,
Mumbai, its time for mercy and compassion,
its time to seek the Most High,
it is time to comfort Mumbai.

This little piece is dedicated to all who lost their lives, all who were wounded and sustained injuries, all who lost loved ones, all whose lives have been changed forever, in the more than 45 hours (wednesday November 26 at about 9: 30pm to saturday november 29,2008) since the carnage of horror and terror in the city of Mumbai.

My prayer for you all is that may Him that own comfort and compassion, may Him who know what it means to lose His only begotten son, may Him alone that can both comfort, show you mercy and compassion be with you in this time of immense trial and suffering.May He bless your heart in the multitude of His tender mercies and give you peace.To Him alone be glory, honour, majesty and dominion. Through Christ Jesus. Amen.

Isaac 'Slimx'
December 1,2008.

Indira Renganathan 05 December 2008

Very touching..great work of a masterpiece...thanks a lot..10++

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