Sabrina's Song

Rating: 3.0

Lonely it is
and you seem to complete me
in the arms of you
there is no one else
People may stare
feelings may hurt
secure I feel
in the arms of you

But i know this isnt real
and my heart shatters beneath you
But i know this isnt real
and it all shatters beneath you

It hurts inside of me
Knowing this isnt real
i put all i had into you.
Realizing that you
have two more
facing the truth
you play with my heart

So much pain I hold inside
and I know it cant hide
others look and wonder why
but I cant help to start to cry
they can look me in the eye
and one day I'll find the right guy
that can say I love you and mean it.

Only dreams hold me alive
as i harsly strive
every breath that i inhale
everything i need to fail
taken all for granit
some day you'll regret

All the pain you've put me through
and you still arent true
you hurt me in so many ways
yet it doesnt effect you today

So enjoy it while it lasts, cause nothing lasts forever...