Vonnie Enochs Poems

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Black Rose

Death is like my stalker it always comes and goes,
Never stopping to think if I'm a friend or foe
Waiting for the time when bodies hit the floor
The time when ashes fall through an open door

Sabrina's Song

Lonely it is
and you seem to complete me
in the arms of you
there is no one else

Faking It

Cry your faith away
Laugh at hopes and dreams
Get angry when you’re happy
And drown yourself in a stream.

No Soul

No soul

I have no soul I am just a mere wall
And the thing that keeps me alive is growing small

Deep Inside

Deep inside my true black heart
Pieces are beginning to fall apart
In a world very like our own today
It is filled with nothing but blood and hate

Save Me

I sat.
Staring at the moon.
Hoping to find the answers for these questions that were flying through my head.
No answer came.

Who Cares?

Through the tears I fall,
Falling through until I hit a wall
I look through and all I see it,
Death up to my ripped knees,

Scott's Song

I lay awake at night
and think of what could be
I wonder why you seem so distant
and if you think about me

Free Style Poem

The mortals do not understand
The pain I feel every day
They think that they are hurting me
But so much pain wears away,


So a thing called depression
Crept deep inside of me
It starting chewing at my heart
until it found my self esteem

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