Sadness 2018 Poem by Me, Myself and I

Sadness 2018


This turmoil that I feel inside,

My prison,

For I've made these four walls myself,

Shutting myself off from life,

As this intoxicating silence embraces me,

I look around this room, and all I see are the photographs of you,

I smile to myself as my darkness comes a knocking,

And as the floor gives way I slip into my own garden of eden,

Memories, they start to blur in-front of my eyes,

Familiar voices I recognise, they so hard to reach me,

As each one is ripped from deep within my mind...

Bouncing off these four walls I continue my decent,

My demons they circle me, biting and snarling,

Bargaining with each other, arguing over my conscience,

Licking their lips as they tear so deep into my soul,

Trying to block out the pain I finally hit my threshold,

I Let loose my chorus,

I'm screaming your name and begin clawing my way down home,

Like a handful of nails drawn upon a blackboard,

A blood curdling fight begins,

Staying just outside of my dying light,

They continue to chant my name,

Left for dead broken and bleeding, For I'm now home,

As my hands start to shake and clamber for the light,

I struggle to breath,

Yet still trying to fight,

For hope is now just a four letter word,

As is this my just deserve…

MMI 2018

Sunday, October 28, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: love,love and dreams,love and life,love and loss,sad,sad love
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