Humming Bird... Poem by Me, Myself and I

Humming Bird...

Humming Bird...

The clock strikes the hour and again I recite your name,

I now know where I am now, but I know that I'm far from safe,

I rollover and reach for the phone, pressing play I listen to your voicemail over again,

Lying here silently I choke down your chorus,

I hear you voice but I cannot speak,

As these words you recite just can't be spoken,

Once a secret, a pact made with death, this deal that was made cannot be broken,

The seal forged and lined with our blood, it's something you cannot walk away from,

An undisclosed script spoken so quietly a humming bird would not dare whisper,

Its wings beating so fast and true… much like the love I hold for you,

But as it is taught within darkness, unforgivnes still cast's it's dark shadow,

I've tried to shake it off, but it knows my plans, my every move,

Branded from birth this shadow continues to follow me, chanting my name,

Trying to swallow me up every move i make, ,

The phone rings again, and I feel so stupid,

I try to push you away, but again you don't heed my warning,

Conflicting emotions erupt from deep within my consciousness,

As you are the most beautiful thing that has ever cast its eyes upon me,

I hate it, but you continue to step so deep inside my bubble,

Speaking into my life,

Blindsiding me on every level,

Forcing me to see life,

Reaching inside of my body and taking my heart in your hands,

Never are you afraid to step inside this madness,

The insults, the anger, and the resentment,

I throw them upon you like molten lava,

Yet you continue to bare yourself to me,

Exposing yourself, and showing me your weakness,

Almost wishing me to strike,

But your smile melts every inconceivable defence that I have left,

Your continued touch forever reminds me, that my humming bird is here,

My protective, my shield, as your my saviour,

These tears that I pocket, I save them for you,

As forgotten love, ********

As one day maybe, I'll just look in and see your ok,

Humming Bird.

A poem by Me Myself and I

Monday, May 11, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: girlfriend,lost,lost love,love and life,wife,girl
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