Man On The Moon. Poem by Me, Myself and I

Man On The Moon.

Man on the moon, A reprise 2018.

Sitting here alone, staring forever into this darkness,

My thoughts they drift to you, and I grant myself this solitary smile,

As I sit and grin to myself, It's still so apparent that I'm pinned down by you,

Held here prisoner by the words you left me with,

Forever locked down deep from within the cage you locked me in,

Repeatedly I replay this chorus to myself,

I play it out loud to the whole audience, the me myself and I,

And it gets a standing ovation, day after day…

As the radio I hear still plays out our song,

Like a dirty record, we're forever here on repeat,

But your all but a million miles away from me,

As I reach out for you day after day…

Lost for words… swallowing my fear, and clawing at my shadows…

Remembering just how beautiful you where,

For i'm still here, fighting our corner,

And longing for your touch,

For maybe your words are all that I need to hear? ?

Reaching out to you now as I do, forever wearing my heart on my sleeve,

Alas, a glimmer of hope still flickers from within these eye's,

Today, yesterday and the day after... I still sit here waiting for your call,

Silently, waiting between my rock and this hard place,

I hold my breath, and my head too,

For my defensive shields, they hold for a moment...

But fall away from me when we speak, as I just cant stand it...

So I continue my spiral down,

Like an elevator cut loose,

Crashing into you,

Bleeding love, like a severed artery,

I spill this for you,

As I'll walk over fire for you,

For their is now no second chance,

As this was just... such a childhood romance,

Me myself and I 2018

Thursday, June 14, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: girlfriend,love,love and life,love and loss
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