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I met you, Sandra on a bumpy road
when I was strolling through a field of poetry.
Was passing and surrounded by much muffled laughter,
while flowers swayed and luscious corn stood watching.
I had my eyes on daisies, lonesome near the hedges
and some did smile at me, downcast their lovely petals.
Was their a beckoning from well within the trees?
This was a land to me, built by some clever strangers
and I had wondered what the greeting would be like,
so soon the beauty had to yield its shine to evil,
which seems to lurk wherever man does dare to tread.
And, as all parasite it strives to take its share,
become a saprophyte of sanguine persuasion.
And there you were, half hidden in the shade
of one of God's most precious Eucalyptus trees.
So deep in thought, clear eyes just looking into skies
you were creating in that innermost of minds,
and then you blinked, I caught the very second.
Your gaze then briefly swept across those waves of colours
and then it held as if by forces of a nature
that called time out and asked all plants to hold their breaths.

That's how we met - of course I'm talking only spirits,
which really are the minds of our precious souls.
And in its way there is a juggernaut reality,
I must explain my undenied infatuation.
There were the quirks, of course, hilarious to some,
which shall remain behind blackberry bushes,
from inside which, having thus created and dispatched
deep thoughts of poetry and human intuition, softly emerge.
There were the thorns, so pointed, piercing early squabbles
and there were promises unkept, concerning time.
Well, if you put together, at ten thousand miles
a grumpy Kraut with a dog-loving Southern Belle,
you must expect and harvest sparks from close encounters
to find their twinkling way into our works of art.

So, as I close this reportage of two good souls,
who met so deep in space that time had been suspended.
I sent a rose of favourite colours to your heart,
do take good care of her, she's only meant for you.

Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 25 August 2005

Very sweet poem Herbert!

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Sandra Osborne 16 March 2005

I can't express what this means to me Herbert, excellent as always, and to think it is about me, even the 'promises unkept' parts, makes me smile with Joy. You are a generous wonderful talented man, and I am a very lucky woman to have you as my friend. You are the best, and I love you. Thank you, you humble me.

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Herbert Nehrlich1 16 March 2005

Thank you for the TEN, anonymous one of high class, beauty and may the Gods protect you. But who are you? H

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