Santa's Reversal Poem by Rohan Bendre

Santa's Reversal

Adrian was a Poor Man Who Earned his livelihood running a Small Shop. Adrian was fond of Kids. Every Christmas he would don the dress of Santa Claus. He Would Give the Kids Gifts. All the Kids loved Adrian.
Adrian would often say.
' The Presence of Children is indeed a Delightful sight.
Let us hope a Future Awaits them such Bright. '
Years Passed. Christmas Was Approaching Closer. All the Children were expecting gifts. But Adrian was nowhere seen.
Jack and Sam Were Two Simpletons. They were Eagerly Waiting for Adrian.
Jack said.
' We are Waiting for Hours
My Present hasn't yet reached us. '
Sam Affirmed.
' Is Waiting here Beneficial
Or making a move is a decision such Quintessential. '
Tobby and Thomas Were Mean Boys. They were renouned for giving Negative Vibes.
Tobby said.
' when Profit will be the word in Description.
Why will someone give common men Attention. '
Thomas Affirmed.
' I agree with My Friend's Opinion
Wherever Money Paid is higher people run like a Stallion. '
Jack and Sam were not of the same opinion. But Tobby and Thomas Suceeded in Manipulating Jack and Sam.
Jack and Sam Went Home.
Jack was Nervous.
Jack said.
' Money can surely people
To Break anyone's promise it can definitely Enable. '
Sam Affirmed.
' His Kindness had enough promise to be trusted.
For this act he will be no longer respected. '
Uncle Trevor Quizzed Both.
' May i get Clarification
So that i can give a better Explanation. '
Jack and Sam told the Whole Story to Uncle Trevor.
Uncle Trevor Paused for a while and smiled.
Uncle Trevor Said.
' wasn't someone quick to come at a Conclusion.
Someone will surely repent on their actions. '
Uncle Trevor defended Adrian.
' Helplessness is the answer to all your Questions. '
Apparently Uncle Trevor was right. Adrian's Shop was not earning enough profit. Adrian lacked Sufficient Funds to purchase Gifts.
Jack and Sam came to know about this.
Uncle Trevor Smiled.
' Christmas is Surely here
But the Santa is not visible anywhere. '
Uncle Trevor continued.
' With the Benevolent Person struggling for his Survival
It is the need of hour to engage in Santa's reversal. '
Uncle Trevor was hinting at Jack and Sam to help Adrian and Similar People.
Jack and Sam Helped all the poor and needy people by Distributing Gifts and Souvenirs.

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