Sci-Fi Poetic String Theory Poem by Nyein Way(Maung Maung Thein)

Sci-Fi Poetic String Theory

string theory

(This is a sci-fi theatre)

dawning architectural breaths dark space
like a hovercrafting realities of speedy waves on the skin inside flesh into tunnel of soul shivering solidities of nodes on skins war
cat in the snow economy
birds' songs human
rich man economy
squirrells climbs up trees kites are with the control of strings directions of multi-dimensionsl destination wisdom in forest artforum architecture as postconceptual and postcontemporary museum of nature, ancient wisdom and hi-technological invention for ordinary people's userfriendly art creative zone of new 21st century's culture of chaotic-harmonious--and-openended-enlightened world of the others zen moments
the end of poverty
in the civic values construction new births of new human s new culture of new moral and ethical
life-wisdom oceanocracy of multiverse'
resilience-wisdom in time of deep-chaotic depression-reduction-compression era of human civilization manifesto of the present tense is written on our body-mind faculty's skin deep within asemic writing of abstract map humanity of lost city lost city of posthumanity's future where is the origin of postconceptual poetry born? ? ? ? ? live for today.just breathe knowingly.catch-22.
believe in today's breath.ignore bad of jaws.sea- narratives.moby-dick.
old man and the sea.
grace under pressure.
life is just a moment of being-doing-and-having.
just being in the temporary.
map of wisdom is written with map of trust, faith
and truth.
a nightingale is singing because it is nightingale's born and instintual nature.
be in born poetry of one's own land.
no puzzle is questioned.

''subtlest silence and calmest water and still light.''

(curtain falls.)

nyein way

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